About Me

I'm Becky. I'm a twenty-something living in the UK. I am an insurer accounts assistant, which sounds fancier than it really is, but it pays my bills, or, at least, it pays my rent to my mother. I live at home. I write this little blog in my spare time. I want to write about things that interest me, which happens to be books. I have been an avid reader as long as I can remember (so, really, I could have only started reading yesterday because my memory appears to have become non-existent since I discovered this thing called the internet).

I have distinct memories of being a child and wanting to read like my older brother and my family were doing. Once I learnt to read I was then always eager to learn how to read in my head, as my brother and my family did. And, once I learnt that, well, the world was my oyster. Or, my books were my opportunity to explore the world, and other worlds, and essentially escape. I have been reading ever since, and I plan to carry on consuming books for as long as I am able.

I started this blog simply because I have been reading blogs for a while, and reading books for even longer. I love the various book blogs that I read, I wanted to do that. I wanted to write my own thoughts and opinions. To share my ideas with the world, or anyone fool enough to visit my blog. And so, one day, my blog was born. I wanted to post my opinions on books, films and TV. I wanted to write discussion posts and voice my opinions, so I took a chance and am going to continue to try and do something.

Review Policy

I am always open to review requests from anyone interested in sending me a book because I am continually on the hunt for new books. My favourite genres are:

Young Adult & New Adult
Historical Romance

Please contact me by email if you have a book you want me to review, I may not respond immediately, but I will get back to you and let you know if I'm interested.

If you happen to want to contact me there are various ways, all of them showing below.

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