31 August 2014

Monthly Wrap Up: August

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Hi Guys. So, August is finally over, what a crazy month that’s been. With the holiday planning and the random shopping trips I’ve taken on weekends and all the money which I’ve spent. It’s been a busy month. And finally… finally September is set to arrive. That’s a good thing because it means I get to finally go on holiday, something I have been excited about for months, ever since it was booked really. It has made me poor though, this shopping business.

This wrap up post has also replaced my summary post for this week, because they’re kind of the same and I don’t want to post this in August and I don’t want to post two things on the same day which are quite similar. If you want to know what books I’ve read they’re Smart Girls Get What They Want, How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True and Cuckoo’s Calling (which I’m still reading because it is hella long) and I’ll have a quick ramble about my week and month for you, because I’m so awesome at that.

I propose you scroll down a bit whilst I do my ramble, open up my little EP playlist thing, so you have some background tunes for this. This week has been holiday centric because I only need to get through until Friday and then I’m off to New Orleans Saturday to be a tourist and take my first trip to America. My week began with a bank holiday (how freaking awesome are three day weekends? Mine was spent playing The Sims and being an excited wreck) and on that bank holiday I had to go buy a suitcase – don’t judge me – which was a harrowing experience to say the least. I now own a shiny pink suitcase which I can never hope to fill with clothes, but I shall try. I have then been working all week and I have been so excited about going off on my hollybobs that I forgot about payday on Friday (I know, wtf right?) but I soon remembered and have finally gotten around to getting me some money turned into dollar and spent copious amounts of my pay on crap I probably don’t need. It’s been a weekend of spending money, but there was X-Factor on Saturday to close the evening with.

The rest of my time has been spent alternating between Sims playing and reading, because I have a new found enjoyment of reading for which I am grateful.

Let’s get the Monthly Tunes Out The Way

these are the songs
I’ve done my monthly tunes a bit differently for you. This is a bit of an EP for you and I’ve but a listen link up above for you to follow. The ‘cover art’ has the track listing on it and that is a picture of my dog because a lot of this month has been taken up with playing with my stepdad’s fancy camera and that is my work of art right there to summarise the month. These tunes are all songs that I’ve either discovered and been loving this month. I wish I could make a more coherent playlist for you all, I keep getting tempted to try a book playlist, but I am terrible with music if I’m honest, I adore listening to it, but I’m terrible at creating playlists.

What I've Been Reading Around The Interwebs

It Was Lovely Reading You: Harry Potter: Bookish
Of Spectacles And Books: If We Were Having Coffee…
Tea Between Books: On Illustrations In Books

What Books I’ve Read

I know I didn't do a book summary in my last wrap up post, but it fills me with a smug sense of satisfaction to see all the books I've read in a month pictured side by side. It’s the same way I feel when I complete my ‘if you missed it’ links section below. Seeing all the posts you've written listed together makes you feel a bit better about yourself, especially when you feel you've been a bit neglectful to your blog. So sue me for being a smug book reader for a second.

In Case You Missed it

29 August 2014

Liebster Award 2.0

The lovely Kaja over at Of Dragons and Hearts nominated me for Liebster Award. Now, I’m sure some of you are aware that I have in fact received this award once before, but who am I to deny another the pleasure of nominating me again? I’ve decided I will skip the about me bits, and I’ll skip nominating others, both those parts were stressful. The questions asked part though, I love answering questions and you can all get to know a bit more about me.


What is your favourite summer memory?

This is a difficult one, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t specifically remember things from certain seasons or certain times, that’s just not how my brain works. I never did all that many exciting things in my summers to be honest. Which makes me a bit dull, I know. I think my current favourite summer memory is going to the zoo. Which I did the other week. So, I suppose, if I go based upon this summer, my favourite memory is going to Dudley Zoo.


It’s not so much a unique thing, but it was such a lovely day. A decision made on impulse with a friend where we decided we had to go to the zoo. We wandered around, saw various animals and had a laugh. I think they are my favourite kind of summer days. All my favourite summer memories are of deciding to do something impulsively with friends and then just having a laugh. I don’t get to do that as often anymore, since I started working impulse decisions cannot be made as I need to go to work. 


Have  a picture of some meerkats as representation of such a fun day.


What were your top 3 childhood reads?


  1. Harry Potter – because Harry Potter? It is probably always going to be one of my favourite series. These book really are the books of my childhood. I grew up with Harry. From the age of eight, when I was still in Year 4, I first discovered these books, and I carried on reading them right until the release of the seventh book. This is my top childhood read.
  2. The Hobbit – I read it because my brother did. I t would have been around the time of Lord Of The Rings first being released and so we began reading these books. I loved it. It started slow, but by the end I was in love. I was crying and happy and this book just brings back such happy memories for me I think.
  3. The Mediator series – I said before how me and one of my friends bonded over this book. It was seriously the book that brought me one of my best friends ever. We knew each other before and we walked home together. But I think it was reading this series that truly made us friends. It was so nice to find someone else who loved reading as much as I did and this series will always remind me of her and being about fifteen and walking home talking about the book. Handing books between backpacks for the other to read.

Tea or coffee? Both? Why?


I am a coffee drinker all the way. If I don’t get a cup of coffee in the morning, and another couple throughout the day, I am grouchy, irritable and I normally end up with a headache. I first started drinking it because that’s what grown-ups drink and because that’s what Rory and Lorelai drank in Gilmore Girls. I used to have about 3 sugars in it to make it bearable and I would have one cup when I got back from school. Now I average 3 cups a day, and when I was at uni it was essentially what I drank always.


It’s not that i have anything against tea, a nice cup of tea is sometimes exactly what you need. It is the drink I choose when I fancy something sweet. I am British so I believe there is only one type of tea and it is best served with dipping biscuits, such as rich tea or digestives. And I obviously know the perfect dipping time for any biscuit you have. But I could live without tea, I’m not so sure I could live without coffee.

Why did you start blogging?


I have been reading blogs for the past 4 years. I began with beauty blogs. I was trying to find the best high street make up and blogs seemed to be able to give me honest reviews on things. I extended my reading out in to style blogs then. because there is nothing more fun than seeing other people wearing clothes. It helped me learn more about fashion and finding my own style. I occasionally branched out to book blogging but I could never find any blogs I could relate to or any blogs where they read the same things as me. I don’t think it helped that I wasn’t reading as much at uni as I used to. I started uni and YA books did not seem cool then, so I stopped reading them and tried to read ‘serious’ adult fiction and would continually find myself bored with books and having no motivation.


It wasn’t until third year at uni, I turned 21 in the February and I got money from my mom to buy myself a Kindle. A silly purchase considering I hadn’t been reading much, but from what I’d read and seen of kindle books, they were cheap, and kindles seemed the best thing for me as I had to limit my book purchases as I needed to be able to get my books home at the end of the year. From there I began reading more and more. The Hunger Games was being made into a film so everyone was talking about it so I decided to read the book, the trailer looked good so why not? From there I dove into the world of YA dystopian fiction, which was booming. Then I discovered all these bloggers who were around my age and reading YA books. Then, the rest is history.


I read book blogs for a further 2 years. I was posting sporadic reviews on Goodreads and eventually just decided to take the plunge. I don’t know what motivated me to. I think I was just fed up of wasting my time on the internet and feeling I had no purpose outside of work. I needed something to occupy my time online and so I decided a book blog was the way forward. and several months later here I am.

What is your dream travel destination? Why?

New Orleans. I have been fascinated by the Deep South and New Orleans ever since I watched X-Men The Animated series as a kid. Rogue and Gambit were my first ship. I adored their banter and their characters and so I’ve always been fascinated by where they came from. This fascination only deepened when I discovered fanfiction. The first fanfiction I read was for this pairing back when X-Men Evolution was on TV. I loved the show and somehow stumbled upon fanfiction in my browsing. Don't quite know how, but anyway that made me fascinated with New Orleans. Then, the fact that this place has this whole history, and the culture and just the place. I don’t know what it is that fascinates me, but I’ve always wanted to go. And this September I will be. I am excited.

If you could meet any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?

This is not a thing I have ever really thought about. I know people seem to have some idol, a person who has strongly influenced them and they would love to meet, I feel this is especially true of readers, but I’ve never had that. I suppose I would be interested in meeting someone like JK Rowling or JRR Tolkien just to ask them how they got their ideas and created such an epic world out of seemingly nothing. Or Dianna Wynne Jones because her writing was so lovely she had such an interesting childhood and life in general so it would be interesting just to hear her talk about things.

Do you have any book-related pet peeves (e.g. I hate people who underline things in library books)?

I’m pretty easy going when it comes to books. I hate when covers get all bent out of shape, but even then I don’t mind it, but annoys me. I don’t like the dustcovers and hardback covers getting scuffed, so I don’t tend to take hardback books out of the house. You know, that, and the fact they are heavy.

What is your favourite dessert?

Anything with chocolate involved. Maybe chocolate fudge cake. I really like chocolate, it’s a thing.

If you had to choose only 3 books that would survive the apocalypse, which three would you choose?

Harry Potter, because if there was an apocalypse I would want a series that started off bright and happy, got really dark towards the end and ended in a high note to help inspire people that things will get better.


Some fluffy romance book where the girl gets the boy and loves happily ever after. That could be any number of books but I think I would have to pick Bet Me because it is one of my favourite chick lit books ever.


Finally, a book with some humour in for the dark times, whilst also being educational. That book is obviously Bill Bryson’s History of Nearly Everything because it is both interesting and with his awesome writing is fun to read.

What are your hobbies apart from reading and blogging?

This is terrible, because I don’t have that many hobbies. When people ask me what I do in my spare time all I can think is read, watch TV and shop. They are not the best of hobbies to have. I used to adore drawing and playing around on Photoshop, but I just don’t have the time anymore, and I feel so dejected when I see my creations compared to others. I enjoy listening to music, there is nothing I enjoy more than to spend hours on the internet finding new bands and singers to listen to. I think my biggest hobby probably is shopping. I love spending money and creating different outfits, even if they are not for me. I used to spend hours on various websites which allowed you to create outfits, that was so much fun.


I suppose you could include playing video games but considering currently my gaming is no more hard core than Pokemon and The Sims I don’t know if that fully counts, but those things definitely take up many hours of my day.

What is your favourite imaginary creature?


This one is difficult for me, I suppose we’re limiting it to imaginary creatures from books but I’ll give you my film one anyway. That would be mogwais because did you see Gizmo? Freaking adorable.


And there you have it, you’ve gotten to know me a little better, although I feel bad because I started writing this what feels like a month ago and I’ve only just gotten around to posting it. I’ll try to be better, I’m just lazy.

26 August 2014

Top Ten Books I Really Want To Read But Don't Own Yet

The Broke and the Bookish seem to be asking all about what is on my shelves I haven’t read yet in various shapes and forms and this week it’s what I really want to read and haven’t bought yet. Now, I often go on about my addiction to buying books so you may all be wandering if there are any books I haven’t bought yet but am dying to read. The answer to that is of course there are. I have a thing where I don’t like to pay normal book prices for ebooks (which is what I mainly read at the moment) because it makes no sense why they are expensive when there isn’t quite the same cost in productions. Anyway, when the books is too pricey in ebook and cheaper in paperback I don’t like to buy paperback because I don’t like damaging the cover, something which is inevitable when it gets chucked in my bag on my commute. Since my main reading time is on my commute and on my lunch break at work it means if a book doesn’t come with me there it’s a while before I get around to reading. So I know if I buy a physical copy it’ll be a while until I get around to reading the book. This isn’t always true, sometimes I sacrifice a book cover when a book is really good, but that’s the rule I tend to stick by.
I’ve Wanted to read The Magicians’ Guild ever since I first read what the series was about. I just haven’t gotten around to buying any of the books.

I keep mentioning this book in my TTT posts and the simple reason behind that is I am so eager to read this book but I don’t even own it yet. I keep having doubts if I do want to read it but at the same time I am so excited to read it and yet I’ve not gone and bought the actual book.

A Little Something Different is a newer book to appear on my radar, but ever since I read the blurb for this book I’ve wanted to read it. I feel a bit like I’m too excited for it though, it’s putting me off buying it. I don’t know why that is, but when I am so eager to read a book it will often lead me to waiting longer for buying or starting it and I think it’s because I develop this fear that the book won’t meet my expectations and I don’t want to be disappointed.
The Museum of Intangible Things is another one which keeps popping up on my TTT lists and it is again because I am dying to read it so I keep wanting to talk about it. I will eventually get on to reading it, but today is the not the day.

Can’t Look Away drew me in because of the whole vlog youtube angle this book has. It sounds so interesting it just makes me want to read. I think it’ll be interesting because it’s relevant to today. More and more people have blogs and vlogs and youtube is creating mini celebs out of normal people so it’ll be interesting to read a book about it.

I know Heir of Fire isn’t actually out until September, but regardless I don’t own a copy yet and I’ve been psyched for this book for about a year so I am dying to read it it simply isn’t in my hands yet, which is a shame.
Book of Life, now I know I’ve harked on about the All Souls Trilogy before because I loved the first two books, despite putting off reading them for about two years. Now I have a renewed fear of these books, I’m dying to buy and read the third, but I feel like I’ve forgotten everything which happened in the first two so want to reread them before i begin this, but I remember those books were long and took me about a week to read the pair of them, I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to that kind of reread.
I can’t be the only one that thinks the premise for The Year My Sister Got Lucky sounds hilarious. It doesn’t sound like a series read, it just sounds fun and I need more fun books in my life, also it’s been a while since I read a good contemporary YA and I’m hoping when I get around to reading this one it’ll help renew my love for a genre.

I have had Unspoken on my TBR list for so long I almost can’t remember where I first heard about it. What I do know is that the premise sounds awesome. Girl hearing a voice then finds out that voice is an actual person? Sounds awesome.

And finally we have How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True, a book which intrigues me. It sounds like a good YA contemporary and it’s set in Disneyland, what more could you want? I’ve not read and Sarah Strohmeyer before so I’m hoping when I eventually buy this book it will meet my expectations but I am dying to read.

If any of you have read these books before please tell me what you think and it may help motivate me to get around to buying these books, but there are no guarantees.

24 August 2014

Please Bear With Me During These Delays

Sunday Summary

I’m sorry guys. I’ve been a bit distant as of late haven’t I. Don’t worry, it’s not that I’m not interested or enjoying blogging, it’s mostly that my obsessive personality is obsessing over different things at the moment. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it all that much, but in less than two weeks I will be going on holiday for ten days. I plan to possibly write up a couple of posts and schedule them for you, but with my planning skills they is less likely to happen with every passing day. I don’t plan to do any blog writing whilst I’m away, I want to relax and have fun and since I am a bit of a worrier over normal things i don’t want blogging to add to that as this is where I can enjoy myself a bit, don’t want to ruin it. Anyway, holiday planning and shopping has been one mega distraction for the past month really. I’ve been getting more and more unbearable at work about my holiday because I am so damn excited. I haven’t left the UK since I was seventeen. I haven’t left the UK in nearly six years, that’s a really long time. I plan to make the most of my holiday, especially since I’m going to America (it’s at this point the Team America song starts playing in my head, it makes me giggle every time).


The other thing my obsessive personality has gripped on to instead of reading, is The Sims. I know I’ve mentioned this game to you before, but it’s like my go to game. Every few months I play it because I see sims pictures on tumblr and I remember my love for it. I then precede to become a hermit for a week or two as I play it obsessively, downloading all the custom content and generally terrorising my sims whilst pretending I’ve thought up really good stories for them in my head. And decorating things, I spend loads of time decorating houses and then realise the sims I want to move in can’t afford it. I know this phase will pass. I always does because nothing holds my interest permanently. I am hoping then my reading love will return, possibly in time for my million hour flight to America.


I’ve read three books this week, an improvement, but I began The Burning Sky last week, so I don't think it completely counts. Also, Sugar Kisses was bad, like so bad, that I skim read the last half of the book to find out what happened in it. What I’m learning is that some of my cheap Kindle buys are not always the bargain they appear. Sometimes they are just rubbish stories so I should really start checking out reviews before hand. I did read Ugly Love, though, and loved it. Sure, it was a bit angsty for my liking, but it was also perfect. The writing was flawless, the characters were awesome and the book was exactly what I needed. It was intriguing without being too full on. It entertained me for a couple of days and ended perfectly. I then ruined it by following it up with a dud book, but what can you do?


I’d tell you what I’ve been watching, but it’s just Leeds and Reading on TV so that’s not interesting. I’ve not even seen the new Doctor Who yet. I’ll iPlayer it later, though. Is anyone else finding that they are gradually becoming less and less interested in Doctor Who despite loving and being obsessed over it a few years back? I don’t know if it;s that I’ve grown out of it or if something has changed to make me like it less, I think my biggest issue is that it now feels like a kids tv show but when it first came back there were episodes that made it feel more grown up at times, darker episodes and I don’t feel you get that as much anymore, you just get confused my Moffat trying to be extra smart.


But enough about Doctor Who, I will be back next week with more fun writing, and Doctor Who analysis I suppose if you really want it, but either way I’ll hopefully be back with more writing.

22 August 2014

The Source - JD Horn

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
My Rating:
Book Two of the Witching Savannah series
Graceful trees and historic buildings fill Savannah, Georgia, but beneath the city's Southern splendor, its supernatural roots run deep. The members of local witch families grace the society pages...when they're not secretly protecting their magical work from dark forces.

Savannah resident Mercy Taylor may now be in control of the South's most powerful family of witches, but she's struggling to master her newfound magic. Pregnant with her first child and still reeling from a heartbreaking betrayal, she just wants to be able to use her supernatural abilities without accidentally destroying dishes or blasting the doors off buildings.

But when Mercy's long-presumed-dead mother suddenly returns, begging Mercy to keep her presence under wraps, the witch wonders how many secrets her family is hiding...and who she can really trust. And when the danger around her intensifies to deadly levels, Mercy knows she must discover the truth behind her family's magic—before it destroys her.

The second book in J.D. Horn's Witching Savannah series, The Sourcecasts a thrilling spell.
This is going to be a bit of a ranty review I’m just warning you now. There may be swearing. I may edit it out. We shall see. Also, spoilers ahead! I don’t reveal the book ending, but I reveal a bunch of stuff that happened in the last book and this one. I’m not sure how spoilery it is, but the warning feels necessary.

Now a while back I was all excited about reading this book, the second book in the Witching Savannah series. Fast forward to now. I’ve finished the book and all it did was fill me with anger.
The story was dead interesting, even if by the second chapter I was like ‘WTF, Mercy, pull your shit together and do not trust bitches that return from the dead’ but that is neither here nor there is it? The premise is solid for these books, but I feel like the book lost me in the middle. I stopped feeling as connected with Mercy and I stopped liking her as a character. I began questioning her actions at every step because they made no sense to me. Even the reasoning given within the book made no sense to me. My main issue is the romance. I will be ranting about it below. I’m sorry.
This book is set a couple of months after the ending of the first, and considering I reread the first one as a refresher before beginning this, I have to say it was jarring. Mercy and events have moved forward and you get little explanation of how and why until later on. As I said, the romance is what gets me though. Mercy ended the last book being uncertain of where things could go with Peter. She knew she loved him, but I felt like it would be like the love you have for a person you have known most of your life, for your best friend, but not necessarily a passionate love. Yet you start this book with the pair being engaged, and you have little idea of how it happened. Throughout the beginning of this book it felt like everyone wanted Peter and Mercy married more than Mercy ever did, with it being pushed upon her and continually hinted at from all sides. From what I read I saw nothing of Mercy being certain she wanted the wedding, only that she viewed it as the right thing, despite the fact she could not bring herself to wear the ring, which is a massive hint if you ask me.

Their relationship made little sense to me in the first book, it all appeared so one sided, with Peter loving Mercy and she just loved him as friend. Even when she was under Jilo’s spell you didn’t see anything that resembled love or passion.  Peter seemed to be Mercy’s ideal, but we all know how that shit goes, just because you imagine the perfect guy for yourself does not mean that he actually is perfect for you.

Then you have this contrived love triangle, because where would we be without a good love triangle? I love Emmett, he is one of my favourite characters. I was psyched to have him in and I enjoyed the mild flirtation he had with Mercy in the first book. I would have loved to see that continue on the same footing in this book. Some light flirtation and Mercy to possibly see that Peter is not the only option. Instead we have Emmett being way too forceful and all up in Mercy’s face about his feeling. Feelings that come across as quite abrupt and sudden. I understand that as a newly created human he has newly created emotions which he has never experienced, but you’d think that having previously possessed nine separate minds or the conscious of them he might have a basic grasp on human interaction. This does not come across all that often though.
I don’t think you are helped in supporting Peter and Mercy as a couple by the fact they are never together. Emmett and Mercy are frequently together and you get to see her struggling with her feeling for him. You do not see much of Mercy and Peter together. Or when you do Peter is either being jealous of Emmett or he is acting impulsively trying to prove he is a man who can support his woman He does this to the extent where he foolishly and frequently refuses Mercy’s help because it makes him appear less of a man or some bull. The pair of them frequently do things without even discussing it with the other. How is that a good foundation for a relationship? I just could not see the passion nor could I see them as a believable couple. You don’t even get that old married couple vibe off of them. They are just these two separate people who happen to be having a kid together.

Enough about the romantic entanglements of Mercy though. This book was more than her love life, it was filled with such a unique story about a girl struggling with the new found powers she has. Struggling with finding her place when she feels like she has so little control of herself and what she can do. She is struggling with family that is so twisted up with various secrets I am amazed they can ever trust one another. In that way it is not surprising Mercy acts the way she does in regards to the revelation of her mother and by others around her. The family troubles and the secrets, they were the favourite aspect of this book for me. It was worth the read simply for that.
I know my entire rant about the romance in this book makes me come across as a crazy person only reading for one thing, but if I’m being honest I think I would have been happier reading this book without the romance. I enjoyed the story of this book. I like the characters, apart from Peter, I just can’t connect with the guy I’m afraid, and this is an original book. But then Horn went and messed it up by continually forcing the romance and the love triangle to the fore. I liked the first book because Mercy was so strong and independent, she made the decision to be independent from Peter so she could figure things out. She chose not to runaway with Jackson or act on her feeling for him because she could not do that to her sister. This girl had this amazing moral compass, sure she struggled like any person, but she did the smart thing. Then it all went wrong in this book.

I love this world, and will undoubtedly read the next one, even though I was so aggravated by this one. The story in itself is amazing, it is such a refreshing book. It has elements which remind of the Sookie Stackhouse books, in that there is a unique take on things like witches and other supernatural creatures. I liked the interaction between characters, especially Mercy and Jilo, and I loved that she was always driven by trying to do what’s right and get to the truth, even if she was stupid about going about it. I would recommend this book to read, and this series in general. Just be aware, it can be frustrating. Has anyone else read this? Did you experience the same thing or am I just being a bit of a crazy person about it?

19 August 2014

Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling You That You MUST Read

The Broke and the Bookish are all about picking topics I have never even thought about before. So what are the books people have been telling me I have to read because they are so me? I don’t know to be honest. It isn’t often I get a book recommendation, it’s more often that I am thrusting book recommendations by the mountain full on other people. I don’t know why I don’t get all that many book recommendations, but I don’t.
ttt 4
This one is one I am embarrassed to say I haven’t bought yet. I want to. I know everyone has been saying great things and that is the book of the summer, but I’m intimidated by it. I know I’ll love it when I start it, but with all of the wonderful things being said about it… what if I don’t like it?
ttt 2
This is a self imposed book recommendation of sorts. I’ve recommended it to myself in that I love Rainbow Rowell so logically I’ll love this book. I own it. It’s sat on my bookshelf gathering dust. I just haven’t found myself in the frame of mind to read it. Is that bad?
ttt 1
Okay, this is a more chilled chick lit fun book which my friend recommended to me the other day. She said it was fun and an easy read and so insanely enjoyable. Also… the author is none other than Tom Fletcher’s wife… you know that guy out of McFly that did that video I know you’ve all watched and laughed and cried over. I know, how mental is that?
ttt 5
My brother recommended this to me. It’s not often he gives me book recommendations, and to be fair he has essentially recommended the entire Neil Gaiman bibliography to me, because who doesn’t love Neil Gaiman. I loved American Gods, so the next one should be good, right? I’ve just not gotten around to stealing this off of him to read. I think it’s partly because Neil Gaiman intimidates me with how wonderful his writing is.
ttt 6
Does it count when Rachel recommended it as a book to get me out of my book slump? I’m counting it because I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since I heard about it like a month ago or whatever. I love Colleen Hoover so I’m practically guaranteed to love this book.
ttt 3
This is a book recommended to me by my mom. She read the first two books and loved them and she told me I’ll like them because I liked watching Ripper Street when that was on BBC. I don’t know how true her suggestion is, but considering the second book in the series is called The Black Country, which is where I’m from, I’m definitely interested in reading these books.

And… I can’t think of 10 recommendations for books where people have told me to read for whatever reason. Like I said, I really don’t get that many book recs. If you’d like to remedy this issue then please do so in the comments, spam me on twitter, whatever, I don’t mind. As you can see, my recommendations are normally quite varied as well. It’s not often I get a recommendation outside of my usual genres, what can I say. I think the favourite recommendation I got given was Sum: Forty Tales of the Afterlife which a friend told me was the perfect toilet book. We had it in our bathroom third year of uni. She had been given it by an ex back when she had been going through a religious crisis as he claimed it would bring her closer to God or something. Anyway, the book was something I would never have read otherwise, completely different from anything, and I loved it. If you look past the whole religious implication of things it was just entertaining. Seriously, that is a book I recommend to all of you. It is a collection of short stories really. It is fantastic and it is definitely worth a read.

17 August 2014

I May Have Spent Too Much Money

Sunday Summary

I’ve been a terrible blogger this week, and for that I am sorry. All I’ve posted is a TTT and this summary post. God, I’ve no excuse. I even have a review sat in my drafts all unposted and unloved. I’m going to be honest with you all and simply say I couldn’t be bothered.


So I visited a hairdressers in my life ever yesterday (yes, I’ve never been to a hairdressers before and I am 23, but my justification is my mom cut my hair because she was a hairdresser so she totally knows what she’s doing, why pay for what you can for free, right?) and it was an alright experience. I am never going to be enamoured with hairdressers but it was quick and pain free, whcih is all you can ask for really.


I have been bothered to shop this weekend, though. No books were bought. I was tempted though, guys. Walking away from Waterstones without a purchase was difficult, but I persevered and stayed strong. I bought some boots I’ve been eying up and Topshop and essentially just shopped myself out. It was wonderful.


Now, on this summary post now is the point I would tell you what books I’ve been reading this week… but I’ve barely read anything. A shock for me considering I average three books a week. It’s not that I’m in a slump, because I’ve still been reading. It’s just… Everything I’ve read had been enjoyable, but nothing has hooked me lately. Even the Glass series by Maria V Snyder didn’t grip me. If anything the third book left me a bit disappointed. And maybe that is the problem… I’ve been left disappointed by book lately which I was certain I would love.


I am currently reading The Burning Sky, and it’s interesting, if a bit dry. It’s not hooked me though. I’m intrigued, but don’t feel the need to keep reading outside of my commute and lunch hour. I think that is where my issue lies. Normally, you reach a point in a book where you become utterly gripped. It becomes all you want to do. All you want to do is immerse yourself in the fictional world and learn the stories of these characters and reach the end of the book. I’ve not had that feeling in a couple of weeks, which explains the slowing in my reading. I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I’m being left uninspired by what I’m reading


Maybe you guys can help. Are there any books which you have absolutely loved recently? Books which have gripped you, made you laugh, made you cry, the kind of book you want to tell everyone about and make them read immediately? If so, let me know so I can get on it.


That is my week anyway. I have been very dull and very free with the spending. I’m sorry I don’t have more interesting things to say. Really, unless you want to see all the pretty clothes I’ve brought I’ve been very boring, but since I am so not a style blogger photos of that experience will be very difficult to come by. Anyway, don’t forget suggestions for books. I’m going to go play The Sims now since I’m all excited for The Sims 4 being released next month. I’ll also work on some posts for next week I suppose. I want another discussion post, it’s been too long since I wrote one.

12 August 2014

Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read

The Broke and the Bookish are posing a more difficult question this week, what books have I bought that I’m not sure I actually want to read? I’ve said before I can be a bit of an impulse book buyer, I like shopping and when it comes to buying books on my kindle, well… if it’s cheap and sounds vaguely interesting I’m probably going to buy it. I am one of those people. It is safe to say there are plenty of books which I have bought and later I’ve thought to myself ‘do I actually want to read this?’ and the answer is probably going to be I don’t think so. I can only select ten though, so I’m going to give you the ones that I know I have a good reason for buying, even if I now no longer fancy reading them.
I bought this one during my new adult reading binge, I thought I’d like it. It involved sport and was an NA book, turns out I really didn’t like it. I did start reading this one, so I don’t know if it properly counts as a book I’m not sure I want to read, but either way it’s included in my list because of the few chapters I read it was awful and I ended up giving up.

Sorry John Green, I liked The Fault in our Stars, but me and this book… it just isn’t going to happen. I don’t know how many times I’ve picked this books with every intention of reading it and each time I’ve not got past the first chapter. I’ve read three John Green books, but this is not one of them. Nor shall it ever be finished I fear. Maybe one day…who knows.

Look, I know this is like some modern classic. It appeals to everything I like in a book. There’s all kind of strange things going on. It is revered and all that. I just don’t know if I’m ever going to read it. Sorry. I want to. One of my friends says it’s amazing, but I don’t know if I want to read it enough. I own it at least. I’m halfway there in the reading it stakes.

I have had this book on my TBR for so long I don’t even know why I added it in the first place. I feel like I added it because I saw someone reading it in a film or on TV and I liked the look of the cover so I figured I’d investigate (if this seems familiar to anyone please let me know because I haven’t the foggiest). This is not the first book to deceive me into buying purely for the pretty cover and it probably won’t be the last. I don’t even know why I wanted to read it so I can’t seem to motivate myself to read it.
I heard about this book probably back when I was still in school. I think someone must have mentioned it being good. Anyway, this series was enough on my radar that when I saw it going for 99p in an Amazon Kindle deal I was all over it and immediately bought it. Thing is, I don’t have much of clue what it’s about or even if I fancy reading it. I think I read the first couple of pages and put it down in favour of something else. I’m just not actually all that interested in it.

I don’t know. I read a review of it in the Metro and the Metro being such a reliable source of information decided that review was enough of a reason to buy a book. Since then I have felt no motivation to fact read the first page or even the dedication. I think my impulsive urge to buy books simply because they sound vaguely interesting at the time may be bad

The person that wrote this book has a blog. It’s sort of a style lifestyle blog. I like that blog. When I saw she had written a book, a YA book at that, I knew I needed to buy it. I then read the first few pages of this book and didn’t feel motivated to finish. Sadly this is a common theme for me. I am a mood reader, if something doesn’t grip my interest within the first few pages then I’m probably going to bail on the book and it’s possible I may never pick it up again.

Tumblr broke out with love for the TV series so when the book was on offer I thought to myself that I would totally read it. Now I’m not so sure I want to read it, but I’m stuck owning it. Maybe I will read it, I can’t say I never will, but I’ve lost the urge to.
This book has such a cool premise. It sounds so different and so interesting and I’ve just never gotten around to reading it. I bought it when it was a part of the Kindle Daily Deals and I read the first page and I just wasn’t in the mood to read it. I haven’t been in the mood to read it in over a year. Eventually I probably will be, but currently, not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to read this book. It sounds just as interesting now as when I first read the synopsis, but I do kind of regret buying it. It’s the kind of book I would have picked up at the library, read once and returned. I think that about plenty of books which I read, though. This is a regret buying book but I will probably read it… eventually. I suppose that kind of means it doesn’t fit this weeks theme, but what can you do?

What’s truly terrible about this list is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I went exclusively with books that I’ve impulse bought on my kindle. Don't even get me started on my piles of books on my shelf. My TBR shelf is beginning to look more and more depressing as I add books to it. I can no longer go into Tesco without buying books. I have to avoid the book section in all supermarkets actually. I always regret buying book, they sound interesting when I’m browsing but my attention span is so short that if I don’t begin a book almost immediately I may never read it because so many new books grab my attention instead. Anyone else have these kind of problems? And if you’ve read any of the books on my top ten list and enjoyed them please let me know as it may motivate me to read them.