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07 August 2014

So, Abby over at Enthralling Reads tagged me in an Emoji post about two weeks ago now and I have only just gotten around to writing this. Something you should all probably know about me is that I don’t use emojis beyond the use of Smilein my work emails when people do things for me. There is also the occasional Open-mouthed smileused in comments because I’m so happy someone said something nice. I suppose I occasionally use Smile with tongue outbecause that’s a silly face for silly things. But in actual fact I have never been an emoji user. I think it stems from my whole being about twenty years behind technological things like that. I mean, technology I understand, I read up on new tablets, smartphones and other such things, but then things like emojis, txt spk and general technological fads tend to pass me by.
The Steaming mad(which I have only just learnt how to create, who knew :@ created that angry face?) perfectly describes my attitude toward the second book in The Witching Savannah series. This book made me so angry because it simply did not live up to my expectations and it angered me with the illogical plot and character development, or lack thereof.
This Open-mouthed smileperfectly summarises my feelings about Boomerang. This book was happy, sure it had its lows, but it made me life, it made me smile and I really loved it. This is bright, happy, cheery read that will love you with that happy grin on your face.
I have a review written up for this book, which is out Tuesday, and I think Crying faceperfectly describes how I felt by the end of this book. It takes a while to get into, but the last few chapters of the book I was just an emotional wreck. Maybe this book caught me on a bad day. Maybe this book is actually really emotional and sad. Either way I bawled my eyes out to this book, my face was red. My nose was snotty. It was embarrassing to say the least.
I’ve written before about my conflicting feeling about The Grisha Series. I know everyone loves it out in the blogosphere, but something just doesn’t click for me. I can see why people like it, but it doesn’t have that thing which clicks with me so I’m definitely Confused smileabout it.
I know that thisRed heartbusiness should be for like fluffy romances and that, but screw that. I adored the Study series by Maria V Snyder. I devoured it in a matter of days and will recommend it to anyone and everyone to read, I don’t care if you’re a fantasy reader or not, read it anyway. It’s worth the effort. It’s worth the money. It’s worth it in general. Please, it is awesome. Definitely one of my favourite series….ever.

That is my Emoji post. Sorry if it’s not quite what you were expecting. Or if it’s not long enough, but it turns out I really don’t know emojis, or emoticons, or whatever they’re called. Like, what is the actual difference between emojis and emoticons? I don’t understand. I feel this is a fair effort on my part to be honest.

I won’t nominate anyone else to do this emoji tag, because I nominate anyone who reads this to please write their own because I would be intrigued to see others take on this. Do you use emojis? Can you please explain them to me if you do?
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