Monthly Wrap Up: August

31 August 2014

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Hi Guys. So, August is finally over, what a crazy month that’s been. With the holiday planning and the random shopping trips I’ve taken on weekends and all the money which I’ve spent. It’s been a busy month. And finally… finally September is set to arrive. That’s a good thing because it means I get to finally go on holiday, something I have been excited about for months, ever since it was booked really. It has made me poor though, this shopping business.

This wrap up post has also replaced my summary post for this week, because they’re kind of the same and I don’t want to post this in August and I don’t want to post two things on the same day which are quite similar. If you want to know what books I’ve read they’re Smart Girls Get What They Want, How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True and Cuckoo’s Calling (which I’m still reading because it is hella long) and I’ll have a quick ramble about my week and month for you, because I’m so awesome at that.

I propose you scroll down a bit whilst I do my ramble, open up my little EP playlist thing, so you have some background tunes for this. This week has been holiday centric because I only need to get through until Friday and then I’m off to New Orleans Saturday to be a tourist and take my first trip to America. My week began with a bank holiday (how freaking awesome are three day weekends? Mine was spent playing The Sims and being an excited wreck) and on that bank holiday I had to go buy a suitcase – don’t judge me – which was a harrowing experience to say the least. I now own a shiny pink suitcase which I can never hope to fill with clothes, but I shall try. I have then been working all week and I have been so excited about going off on my hollybobs that I forgot about payday on Friday (I know, wtf right?) but I soon remembered and have finally gotten around to getting me some money turned into dollar and spent copious amounts of my pay on crap I probably don’t need. It’s been a weekend of spending money, but there was X-Factor on Saturday to close the evening with.

The rest of my time has been spent alternating between Sims playing and reading, because I have a new found enjoyment of reading for which I am grateful.

Let’s get the Monthly Tunes Out The Way

these are the songs
I’ve done my monthly tunes a bit differently for you. This is a bit of an EP for you and I’ve but a listen link up above for you to follow. The ‘cover art’ has the track listing on it and that is a picture of my dog because a lot of this month has been taken up with playing with my stepdad’s fancy camera and that is my work of art right there to summarise the month. These tunes are all songs that I’ve either discovered and been loving this month. I wish I could make a more coherent playlist for you all, I keep getting tempted to try a book playlist, but I am terrible with music if I’m honest, I adore listening to it, but I’m terrible at creating playlists.

What I've Been Reading Around The Interwebs

It Was Lovely Reading You: Harry Potter: Bookish
Of Spectacles And Books: If We Were Having Coffee…
Tea Between Books: On Illustrations In Books

What Books I’ve Read

I know I didn't do a book summary in my last wrap up post, but it fills me with a smug sense of satisfaction to see all the books I've read in a month pictured side by side. It’s the same way I feel when I complete my ‘if you missed it’ links section below. Seeing all the posts you've written listed together makes you feel a bit better about yourself, especially when you feel you've been a bit neglectful to your blog. So sue me for being a smug book reader for a second.

In Case You Missed it

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