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24 August 2014

Sunday Summary

I’m sorry guys. I’ve been a bit distant as of late haven’t I. Don’t worry, it’s not that I’m not interested or enjoying blogging, it’s mostly that my obsessive personality is obsessing over different things at the moment. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it all that much, but in less than two weeks I will be going on holiday for ten days. I plan to possibly write up a couple of posts and schedule them for you, but with my planning skills they is less likely to happen with every passing day. I don’t plan to do any blog writing whilst I’m away, I want to relax and have fun and since I am a bit of a worrier over normal things i don’t want blogging to add to that as this is where I can enjoy myself a bit, don’t want to ruin it. Anyway, holiday planning and shopping has been one mega distraction for the past month really. I’ve been getting more and more unbearable at work about my holiday because I am so damn excited. I haven’t left the UK since I was seventeen. I haven’t left the UK in nearly six years, that’s a really long time. I plan to make the most of my holiday, especially since I’m going to America (it’s at this point the Team America song starts playing in my head, it makes me giggle every time).


The other thing my obsessive personality has gripped on to instead of reading, is The Sims. I know I’ve mentioned this game to you before, but it’s like my go to game. Every few months I play it because I see sims pictures on tumblr and I remember my love for it. I then precede to become a hermit for a week or two as I play it obsessively, downloading all the custom content and generally terrorising my sims whilst pretending I’ve thought up really good stories for them in my head. And decorating things, I spend loads of time decorating houses and then realise the sims I want to move in can’t afford it. I know this phase will pass. I always does because nothing holds my interest permanently. I am hoping then my reading love will return, possibly in time for my million hour flight to America.


I’ve read three books this week, an improvement, but I began The Burning Sky last week, so I don't think it completely counts. Also, Sugar Kisses was bad, like so bad, that I skim read the last half of the book to find out what happened in it. What I’m learning is that some of my cheap Kindle buys are not always the bargain they appear. Sometimes they are just rubbish stories so I should really start checking out reviews before hand. I did read Ugly Love, though, and loved it. Sure, it was a bit angsty for my liking, but it was also perfect. The writing was flawless, the characters were awesome and the book was exactly what I needed. It was intriguing without being too full on. It entertained me for a couple of days and ended perfectly. I then ruined it by following it up with a dud book, but what can you do?


I’d tell you what I’ve been watching, but it’s just Leeds and Reading on TV so that’s not interesting. I’ve not even seen the new Doctor Who yet. I’ll iPlayer it later, though. Is anyone else finding that they are gradually becoming less and less interested in Doctor Who despite loving and being obsessed over it a few years back? I don’t know if it;s that I’ve grown out of it or if something has changed to make me like it less, I think my biggest issue is that it now feels like a kids tv show but when it first came back there were episodes that made it feel more grown up at times, darker episodes and I don’t feel you get that as much anymore, you just get confused my Moffat trying to be extra smart.


But enough about Doctor Who, I will be back next week with more fun writing, and Doctor Who analysis I suppose if you really want it, but either way I’ll hopefully be back with more writing.

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