30 April 2015

Monthly Wrap Up: April

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I cannot believe April is over! I have been so busy reading, working and attempting to have an actual social life I’ve not noticed my month passing me by. How do you not notice an entire month passing you by, because I’ve some how managed it? It has been a fantastic reading month, though, even if blogging has fallen by the wayside. I’ve enjoyed it, though, sometimes I think I forget I blog about books because I love reading, not the other way around.

April Reads


April Posts

Hopefully I’ll have a real post up in the next day or two, I just need to do some spellchecking and make sure I’ve not repeated myself or given up on a sentence halfway through.

28 April 2015

Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters Who Love Music

I have a thing for books and music, I’ve gone on about it before and so I thought what better way is to do a list of books that strongly feature music in one way or another. This list is mostly books I’ve read, but there are a handful of books I’ve discovered one my search for the characters who are musically inclined and love music as much as I do. It was a fun search and here are the books I’d recommend if you understand characters who have a soundtrack to their lives.

The Books I’ve Read And Loved


And some new books I’m planning to investigate

I was going to list a bunch of reasons for why you need to give all my books a chance, but sometimes I think rather than explaining stuff to you all I should give you a chance to look into these books yourselves and let me know what you think. Please let me know if you’ve read or plan to read any of these books, like seriously, I’m intrigued.

26 April 2015

Sunday Summary: 26.04.2015

Sunday Summary

This week has been so hectic. We’re down a couple of people at work with sickness and holidays so I’ve been sat doing the job of three people, which is not possible. It’s left me feeling a bit like pulling my hair out. I have spent most of the week working, sleeping, and reading… I’ve also renewed my love for Korean dramas, so that’s taken up a lot of time and it’s left my blog a little (a lot) neglected.


I then spent yesterday morning reading whilst a little hungover, and then spent all afternoon watching TV. I caught up on iZombie (I love that show, watch it, also Arthur as a zombie!) and have been catching up on so much TV I’ve been putting off watching.


What I’ve Been Reading


Under a Georgia Moon – Cindy Roland Anderson

Tempting Her Fake FiancĂ© – Julia Particka

#scandal – Sarah Ockler

The Handler – D.R. Graham

Switched – Cassie Mae

Collide – Gail McHugh

Pulse – Gail McHugh


New To Me


Under a Georgia Moon – Cindy Roland Anderson

Tempting Her Fake FiancĂ© – Julia Particka

Switched – Cassie Mae

Collide – Gail McHugh

Pulse – Gail McHugh

And that has been my week. Have to go write a few more posts, like I’m meant to every week, and to do a bit of online shopping I think.