Top Ten All Time Favourite Authors

20 April 2015

The theme from The Broke and The Bookish this week is all time favourite authors. This is a difficult one for me because in my mind there are two kinds of favourite authors. Those the have written some of the most wonderful books that you thrust upon all of your friends because they are just mind blowing, and those authors you will read every book they write ever because they make you happy, but they may not necessarily be the authors you talk about the most. They guarantee you a good read every time you read one of their books, but they do not necessarily write the most ground-breaking reads.

I have plenty of the second type of favourite author. They are my authors which I turn to when I’m at a loss with what to read, who I buy automatically when I see they have a new books out, and normally the authors who get featured in the monthly feature Kaja and I are doing called Author Addiction. The first kind of favourite authors are normally the ones I shout a lot louder about with their books because their writing is flawless.

Laini Taylor

She is to be featured in the author addiction post for next month so I wont say too much but I will say this. I have loved her writing ever since I got Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Then when I read her short story collection and her short story in My True Love Gave To Me she became a hard-core favourite for her unique stories and beautiful writing.

Jennifer L Armentrout

I don't want to repeat myself so my reasoning is over there. But in my mind she can do no wrong. She does write stories that you think will be ridiculous but some how she always manages to pull it off.

Morgan Matson

She features music more often than not in her books and for that alone I love her but then I read Since You've Been Gone and it was awesome, it was at that point I knew she was destined to be a favourite of mine.

Gayle Forman

She is an author that writes so well. Her characters are always so genuine and relatable in some way. And her way with words is amazing. Her stories really draw you in. I'm just upset I only discovered her recently.

Cecilia Ahern

I've written about my love for her before. I love her realistic magic that she writes. Her real stories are also fantastic though because her characters are always spot on.

Sarah Dessen

I have loved her as an author even before YA was called YA. She writes the best most realistic YA books with characters with relatable problems. I cannot wait to read her latest book.

Sarra Manning

Another author I have loved even before YA was a thing. I read her books religiously when I was younger and then she wrote a few adult books whilst I was at uni so I remembered why I love her. Before I left for uni I had a major book purge and she was one of the few authors that survived the decimation to my shelves, for that I am eternally grateful I at least possessed some sense during this purging.

Colleen Hoover

Colleen hoover is the kind of author that snuck up on me. At first I just enjoyed her books but thought little more of it. Then I realised I was looking forward to them being released and was buying them every time she had a new one out. She crept into my favourites without me realising it.

Sarah J Maas

I've written about my love for her and I’m not repeating myself. She is a fantasy author who knows her stuff and you might think her books might get boring, but somehow she has managed to change a fairytale into her very own story with little connection to the original tale.

Jennifer Crusie

Only this month I wrote my love for Jennifer Crusie. She is a fantastic author whose books I will always adore, she knows her romance, but she is not afraid to branch out into other genres. Her books are always interesting, and she has dominated a genre that can too often feel repetitive and managed to continually write gripping books.
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