Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters Who Love Music

28 April 2015

I have a thing for books and music, I’ve gone on about it before and so I thought what better way is to do a list of books that strongly feature music in one way or another. This list is mostly books I’ve read, but there are a handful of books I’ve discovered one my search for the characters who are musically inclined and love music as much as I do. It was a fun search and here are the books I’d recommend if you understand characters who have a soundtrack to their lives.

The Books I’ve Read And Loved


And some new books I’m planning to investigate

I was going to list a bunch of reasons for why you need to give all my books a chance, but sometimes I think rather than explaining stuff to you all I should give you a chance to look into these books yourselves and let me know what you think. Please let me know if you’ve read or plan to read any of these books, like seriously, I’m intrigued.
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