Top Ten Characters I'd Like To Check In With

07 April 2015

The Broke and the Bookish’s theme for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday may require some explanation. They are asking which books or series would I most like to revisit, to see how the characters lives are getting on? I do tend to get absorbed into book series, especially fantasy ones, so you may find more fantasy books and series on this list than others. I become absorbed in the characters and their worlds and I always tend to want to know more, not necessarily about the characters themselves, but simply the worlds in which they inhabit, I have always been this way. I remember reading Harry Potter as a child and I was pretty obsessed, I didn’t simply want to know Harry’s story, but how Hogwarts and the wizarding world itself functioned. How were children educated, what books did wizarding children read, did they go to school before Hogwarts. What jobs were there in the world, I’ve always been interested in the worlds themselves and the way in which they worked, so there is every chance those books which intrigued me to question things will be the ones I feature today.

Harry Potter
This is an obvious choice, a choice that I am sure will appear on numerous lists, but it is also true. I will always be interested to know what is happening in the wizarding world. I want to know how they recovered after the second wizarding world, did changes happen in the views of muggleborns? How di the government change after the war with everything that happened. What about the generations to follow, were they affected in the same way the generations were after the second world war? I want to know about the first wizarding war and the stories of those that participated then. I want to know everything that is happening in this world because it consumed so many hours of my childhood.

I adored this series when I was reading it. I loved the fact that each story inhabited the same world, but they were all set in different lands, there were different characters to follow. I will always want more of these lands, I think. I want to know what happened to the characters I love, but I also want to know how the lands function, what changes occur there. I want to learn about Po’s home and his brothers, I want to learn what is happening with Katsa. I just want to know how these lands change, and what kingdoms rise and which fall.

Just One Day
I was a late comer to this series, and this may end up being the only contemporary series to inhabit my list, but I still want more. I don’t actually want a book, because I am aware too much information and too many books will ruin the magic of the series, but I still want to know what happened next. What happened with Willem and Allyson? Did they stay together, did they struggle through the long distance and make it through, did Willem become the actor he wanted to be? What about Allyson and her parents, did she grow closer to her mother and did her parents understand? What was their first meeting with Willem like, how was life with Allyson at college once more? I want to know these things, to see these snapshots of their lives as they carry on.

After the ending of the third book I want to know what happened next, don’t you? I want to see more of Karou and Akiva. I want to know what happens with Suze and all the others who inhabit this world. I want to know what happens with the world after the angels and demons have been revealed, how does everything change after that? I want to learn what happens to everyone, I simply want more, something that rereading cannot offer and fulfil.

I think I always wanted to learn more from this series. I wanted to understand more what happened in this world. How things changed with everything, and I think I wanted a bit of what happened before the novels began, more background and stories of the past to understand everything.

I can only think of these, which I don’t know if that means the books I’ve read have had very satisfying endings, or it is simply that my brain is failing to remember what questions I had upon finishing books. I would love to hear the books that you would like check in with, though.
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