18 June 2017

Sunday Summary // 18.06.2017

Sunday Summary
This week has been a strange one. I had the first three days of this week off of work this week so I’ve been really confused about what day I’m on. Really, you should be impressed I even remembered to write up this post considering I felt like I’ve had two Sunday’s.

I took some time off because I went to see Robbie Williams for my mom’s birthday. I bought her tickets way back last year and it was finally time for us to go and sing our hearts out and have a little boogie. We probably got there far too early but with the way they’ve been upping security at concerts since Manchester we didn’t want to risk being stuck in a queue. We had overpriced burger and chips and sat chatting and people watching before the support act Erasure came on. I know one song by them so I was a little bored but my mom had a great time. And then when it was time for Robbie he was very entertaining. I knew the words to most songs so we did stood with the crowd and had a laugh. I was impressed with how central our seats were and they weren’t nose bleed seats either! As a whole it was a great laugh, although lesson learned, do not go to the toilet in intermission you will queue for half an hour.

It was then my mom’s birthday the day after. We did little but she treated herself to a shopping trip and I bought myself new work shoes (one of us is obviously more exciting than the other). It was a great restful few days off of work before I went back to more catching up (time off is great until you remember the work doesn’t go away whilst you’re gone).

Apart from that I’ve really been very boring this week. I’ve gotten slightly more blog organised but really I’ve just been trying to not ignore my blog completely. It’s difficult, though, as the weather has turned warm and sunny this weekend and I am not a creature used to warm weather so the time I usually spend blogging may be spent outside or sat in front of a fan.

What I’ve Been Reading

Shattered Minds32828372
I have had a terrible reading week. After finishing Julia Quinn’s newest book (review to follow one day) I decided to read something completely different as I knew I wanted an ARC week this week. I picked up Shattered Minds and was utterly blown away by it. I loved Laura Lam’s first book to this series (both books work as standalones, though) and I think I forgot how good her writing was in False Hearts as I was surprised by Shattered Minds. I will be reviewing the brilliance that was that book. Then, I thought I was on a roll since that first ARC was such a hit… and I’ve been reading Roar ever since. I’m a quarter of the way through and it’s not that I don’t like it because I do… I think. I just feel absolutely no motivation to continue. Have you ever had that with a book? You can’t say you dislike it you just have no motivation to keep reading either?

Instead, I have been reading lots of fanfiction as a reading alternative. If I included all that on here then I will have read a lot of words.

New To Me

Our Dark Duet
I am so impressed with my single book this week. And it was a preorder so it’s totally okay that I bought it. I am learning to restrain my buying (sometimes, anyway). And, I’ve had no motivation to look at books. I’ve lost my reading mojo. It’s either the warm weather or me trying to force myself to read certain books. One of these things is not working for me!

How has your week been? Anyone else experience that weird feeling of not knowing what day it is when you’re not at work/school? And what do you do when you’re stuck in a book you’re not not enjoying but can’t make yourself want to pick up?

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