Sunday Summary // 25.06.2017

25 June 2017

Sunday Summary
Another week is over and this has been a loooong one.

We had a mini heatwave here in the UK and it was not fun. The temperature got to over 30°C here and that was not fun. I mean, I am a pasty white girl who burns easily, anyway. I didn’t mind the fact that it was sunny and warm… at least not during the day, but when it doesn’t get under 20°C on an evening it makes sleeping kind of uncomfortable. I definitely lost a lot of hours of sleep before the heatwave ended. Also, our air-conditioning was broken at work just to coincide with this heatwave. When you have giant windows like a green house it does not bode well for you not being a sweaty wreck by the end of the day. The maintenance men that came to fix it were definitely the heroes of the week. Those guys, I love them.

Apart from being a sweaty wreck from the heatwave making me cranky and irritable and making my week feel about a million days long the other reason this week dragged is that I’ve been forced to go to work on a Saturday! I actually had to write the majority of this post on Friday night because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough time Saturday to say all the words I wanted to. Especially, as I have a bunch of comments to reply to. The life of a blogger is hard, isn’t it? Anyway, working overtime on a Saturday is not how I like to spend my weekend so it’s bringing me down a bit. We’ll get everyone trained up soon, hopefully. At least I like some of our newbies. They are really fun, fresh blood certainly has it’s benefits in the office, I will say that. I mean, working Saturday wasn’t terrible, it’s just I feel like I’ve had no weekend. As soon as it gets to Sunday I have work at the back of my mind. Oh well, at least I get money, although I will feel the rush of catching up on my blogging now.

Apart from work and the weather I have little else to talk about. I am sorting a friend’s birthday present out and I am trying to think of something else to get my brother, but that’s pretty boring. It’s his 30th at the beginning of July so I want to get him something good. Otherwise, I’ve been very dull. I’ve hardly even read because I was too warm to do anything. It’s a little embarrassing to look at my reading for the past two weeks.

What I’ve Been Reading

wake of vultures
Yeah, as you can see it’s been a slow week. A very slow one. I only finished Wake of Vultures right at the end of Saturday. How have I only finished one book? I am kind of almost in a total slump and I blame the heat. Let’s see how next week goes.

New To Me

The Sleeping PrinceBlackbirdUnconventional
I bought a few books to make me feel better about working over a weekend. It’s how I roll. Also, they were all 99p and no girl can say no to that?
FireflyLeave the night onThe Sea King
I got me a few ARCs this week as well. I was surprised by getting an ARC of Firefly in the post (thank you Headline Eternal!) and I knew I had to read Leave The Night On when I read the summary – revenge romance! – so yay (thank you St Martin’s, I love your romance) and finally, an e-ARC I didn’t expect to get, The Sea King! It is the first book I’ve ever been approved for on Edelweiss and I seriously want to read it now but I kind of need to read my library books first. Damn reading priorities.

How has everyone’s week been? Anyone else been suffering from warm weather? Or have a story of suffering without air-con?
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