30 June 2017

Monthly Wrap Up // June 2017

Monthly Wrap Up_zpshjihxrbe.png
We are now officially halfway through the year and I don’t know where time has gone! I really wish the year would slow down a touch so I could catch up. I feel like I just need to pause time for a week so I can figure out where I stand.

June has been a month plagued with reading slumps, it’s not been fun. I descended into a slump about the second week of this month and I’m still not out of it. I like to blame the heatwave we had here but I honestly don’t know why I fell into a slump but my enthusiasm for reading died a little. Hopefully, it will return in July, or at least with enough time to catch up on my ARCs.

Can’t Stop Listening

Fuqboi – Hey Violet
Run – Foo Fighters

June Reads

The Girl With The Make Believe HusbandShattered Minds
All The Lies We TellHer Backup BoyfriendAll The Secrets We Keep4. Daddy's Best Friend
5. The DILF32828372wake of vulturesEvery Little Thing

June Posts

June Links

Boats Against The Current | What Would You Pay For An Ebook? // 30 Fun Hobbies To Try (because sometimes inspiration is needed to figure out what to do when you’re not reading)
Nick And Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist | 6 Bollywood Movies To Watch If You Enjoyed When Dimple Met Rishi (because I always wanted to watch some Bollywood and who doesn’t appreciate recs?)
The Book Voyagers | Single Parents In Romance Books
Buzzfeed | 17 Words Only Twentysomething Grandmas Will Understand (this describes me to a t)

Resolution Catch Up

  • I want to cut my unread bookstennant-crazy-laugh
  • I want to review more books on Goodreads – I am continuing my success on this and I have a vague Amazon routine too. I must improve my Amazon reviews.
  • I want to read 100 books – I hit 104 books! This may be one of my few successful goals.
  • Read more diverse books – I continue doing okay with this one. I want to find more diverse romance now.

2017 Discussion Challenge:
I’ve been pretty successful on this one. Below are all my discussion posts from the beginning of the year which I’ll be adding on to each month. I wanted to manage a discussion post a month, with me hoping for 20+ if it was a really good year. I may not manage 20+ but I’ve definitely gotten up more than one a month.

Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge

6/12 Categories
Halfway through, now I just need to allocate some books off of my shelf to the other 6 categories.

Shelf Love Challenge 2017

I’m not completely certain I’m doing well at this. I’ve read plenty of books from my shelves…. but I also keep adding to them. I have definitely purchased more than I’ve read and I sort of accept that my current process is not working for me. I am not good at long term commitment. I may just do a week every couple of months where I buy nothing and only read books off of my shelves (not ARCs). We’ll see.

How has your month been? Any favourite reads you need to recommend?


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