04 June 2017

Sunday Summary // 04.06.2017

Sunday Summary
Those who follow my blog a bit more closely may notice I haven’t posted that much this week and I’m sorry. I’d organised all these reviews but then I remembered it was the end of a month and a beginning of another so I ended up forgetting all about them and sorting out my monthly wrap up post (which takes way longer than expected to sort) and I haven’t even looked at my favourite releases for this month. I’m thinking I’m going to switch up that post and maybe have something sorted next week. Basically, June sneaked up on me and I am all over the place with my little mental posting plan. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Anyway, I only feel slightly annoyed that my blogging plans went out the window because I’ve had other things on my mind. It was back to working life (although only for another week before I get another long weekend and my mom’s birthday so yay!) but it has been totally hectic going back. We’ve got new people coming in, old people going on holiday and not enough hours in the day. I even got asked to do overtime and I can’t which makes me sad because money! But yeah, I go in and I can’t see straight with all the work we have it’s not fun. I am surviving, though.

My feeling cross-eyed is worsened by the fact my parents are away for the week. I love having the house to myself but the dog and the cat are not conducive to sleep and relaxation. They are like demanding children who can’t talk and you forget they’re nuisances because occasionally they’re all cute and adorable so you want to cuddle them. It’s exhausting. I am getting a bit more exercise having to walk the dog daily, though, so there is that. I like to think I’ll have these excellent toned legs from this walking but to be honest when I started to get tired I go back home so the walks are probably only half an hour long. I need to find my a good podcast to listen to whilst I walk, I think. Please recommend me some. I know about Smart Bitches and love that (although I am so behind!).

So yeah, as you can see my week has been all about work and my pets. It’s sad really. I didn’t realise, though, that being home alone makes me terribly indecisive. I have all the freedom to watch what I want and do what I want and I’m at a loss on what I want to do. Isn’t that weird? It’s like I have so much freedom I settle on doing nothing. Once I’ve taken the dog out today I will either blog lots (that’s a maybe, I am a week behind and reading and commenting) or I will play The Sims. I think you can guess which is more likely to happen.

What I’ve Been Reading

Dumplin'20799724White HotAll The Lies We Tell
It’s been a slow reading week in that most of my reading was done before Wednesday. After that, I only read one book. It’s much like my dilemma of deciding to do nothing whilst at home. I just haven’t been able to settle. I think this is very much to do with reading White Hot and loving it. It’s moved me into slump territory. I mean, I enjoyed All The Lies We Tell, don't get me wrong. It’s a really great read… but it’s not an Ilona Andrews read, is it? I started reading as I got approved for the second book on Netgalley so wanted to do a joint review, I may have to insert a different read in between, though. I just, I have a strong need to restart the Kate Daniels series and read the books I’ve not bought yet. I just… why does Ilona Andrews do this to me every time?

New To Me

White HotCollisionHer Backup BoyfriendThe Man of Legends
Surprisingly, I’ve not bought that much recently. I mean, the only book I purchased was White Hot, the other three were free and I’ve had White Hot preordered since forever. I’m basically really impressed with myself, go me!
Summer's Lease
Only one new ARC as well. I am very excited to get started on Summer’s Lease. This is the ultimate summer read (I hope). I mean, look at that cover! Doesn’t that just make you want to sit my a pool and sun yourself?

How has everyone’s week been? Anyone do anything interesting? What's your favourite read of the week been? And any advice to avoid a slump after a really good book?

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