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16 June 2017

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There was a slightly different post which I intended to write today. I had had plans to write a post on commenting anyway, but I was intending to write it from a slightly different angle. I was going to write it to remind myself that the silly rules I have in mind for commenting are ridiculous and that it’s ok to be a bit briefer or to only write a short comment. Basically, it was a post to drill a few points home. But then I saw a couple of things around a couple of blogs and on the internet which made me think to do this slightly different.

I say this because Kristen has had some health issues which means she can’t comment as much and she felt she had to apologise about this (you don’t, sometimes it happens and life gets in the way of things) and then Nick tweeted how drops in comments and views get her down and I thought about how my comment numbers have dropped a touch (partly my own fault for not taking more time to comment on blogs myself) and I thought, actually, a few more folks may to hear this than just me so here you go, guys.

An Essay Isn’t Always Required: There Isn’t A Word Count

I like to write long comments. They are my favourite. It feels like I get to have a proper chat with folks and there is nothing than a good old comment thread you can keep popping back to. They are the best. You don’t always have time for that, though. I don’t always have half an hour to write all my thoughts and you should never feel like that is the only way to comment.  There isn’t a word count when it comes to commenting so don’t feel the pressure to write all the words. It isn’t necessary.

Commenting Shouldn’t Feel Like A Challenge

One thing to remember is that commenting isn’t a challenge. Just as it' isn’t an essay it isn’t a test either. You won’t be marked on what you say so don’t struggle to try to find the right words. Just word vomit in the comments and move on. I mean, you don’t need to spell check it. Hell, you don’t even need to read it back over if you don’t want to. Just writing words is always nice. Don’t stress yourself over trying to get it exactly right. People won’t notice or care.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Look, while you’re stressing yourself out over finding the perfect words for your comment and how you can precisely convey the thoughts you had about that post please remember one thing: there are people behind that blog and those people kind of like to feel appreciated. Knowing that you’ve taken the time to read a post (any post) will make most bloggers day. We do read them all, even if sometimes it can take three weeks and then others it takes just three hours. Hell, I even like spam comments from time to time.

‘You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All’ Is Totally Incorrect

And I know this is just reiterating all the other points, but you really don’t say it best when you say nothing at all. Just because you don’t have lots of words to say doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother. ‘Nice review’ and ‘Great point’ are just as appreciated as that 2-page essay explaining why someone missed making a really important point in their discussion or review. It shows that you’ve taken the effort to read and it’s nice to know who stopped by. Don’t always write those short comments, but if you don’t have the time to write all the words two can work just as well.

Basically, folks, comment more. Comment widely. And don’t stress yourself trying to change the world with your words in a simple comment. Just write a few thoughts to let folks know you stopped by and you liked the words they put on screen. Bloggers like to feel appreciated. You know this. I know this. So for god’s sake take the time to show that fact. I know I’m guilty of skipping a post I want to comment on because I don’t feel like I have much to say. But no one cares if you say lots. Just say anything.

Do you find yourself not commenting if you don’t have a lot to say? If so, why? Do you feel a little more motivated to comment now? I know I do (it was why I wanted to write it in the first place, to remind myself to comment and not feel bad if I don’t use all the words).
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