Sunday Summary // 11.06.2017

11 June 2017

Sunday Summary
I have been so absent this week guys. I have barely touched my laptop (partly because it’s really started to slow down so I’m not always patient enough to sit down with it on an evening) and so I’ve done practically no blogging which I hadn’t organised in advance. I’ve just caught up on my own blog comments and I have started commenting back on all of yours. It’s a slow process and I;m sorry if I skip posts but there are so many! I think I got lazy lately and the more I put off doing things the more I avoided it so here I am. That being said, the one thing I have been alright with is completing my blog posts for the week which is usually the thing I slack off with the most. I had to do well somewhere, right?

My time living alone ended and I was just starting to get used to it. The things I learnt from this experience is I cannot live in a big house like this one alone, which is perfect because I can only afford something little. I also learnt having a pet is important because talking to yourself is better when you can pretend you’re talking to your pets. These are important things to know because I am getting to the point where I might have enough money saved and a stable enough job (I hope) to be able to move out on my own and actually buy a place. We’ll see, though.

It was the dreaded election this week. I got bored of it as soon as it was announced so I’m glad it wasn’t the usual long drawn out election campaign as it was a snap election. It was made more annoying by the fact I went to vote and the old lady at the desk gave me a dirty look and an eye roll for not bringing my polling card. There is a reason it says you don’t need to bring it! Honestly, at least I voted! I would have bitched at her but she was an old lady (which totally doesn’t justify her being rude) and my mom told me to respect me elders. Also, there was a queue and no one would thank me for holding them up. I love how the whole election backfired for Theresa May, now to keep my fingers crossed this DUP thing will fail epically because I do not want those folks having any kind of power in parliament.

Apart from wanting to throw down with an old lady it’s been a quiet week. Works been crazy as people are on holiday so we’re short staffed again so I’ve pretty much been coming home exhausted and then watching TV. I’ve begun watching Brooklyn Nine Nine and it’s hilarious! I blame that for my lack of blogging.

What I’ve Been Reading

Her Backup BoyfriendAll The Secrets We Keep4. Daddy's Best Friend5. The DILFThe Girl With The Make Believe Husband
It’s been another week of reading less. I have definitely been doing other things, like watching TV, but it means I’ve not had time to read quite as much. I finished Her Backup Boyfriend as I wanted to include a review in a blog post. I finished All The Secrets We Keep and Megan Hart proved to be a strong writer making me like a character I’d written off in the first book. Nick somehow convinced me to read the porn title books she’s been enjoying so much and they are kind of fun, I’ll give her that. Definitely glad they’re novellas, though. I don’t think a longer book would work as I’d be stuck rolling my eyes at them. But for killing some time reading a steamy book? They’re great for that. My last read is The Girl With The Make Believe Husband. I’m halfway through and loving it but I am worried how it’ll work out all these lies!

New To Me

The Hook UpThe Friend ZoneThe Game PlanMajor CrushGirl on the RunPlease Release Me
I bought a lot of ebooks… I feel a little bad about it. Especially as I bought three Kristen Callihan books when I’ve not read a single one in this series. I mean, what if I don’t like them? I highly doubt it, but these things happen. The Callihan books were the most expensive of the lot, the rest of my books are 99p and hopefully fun, easy reads. I’ll let you know.
Always and Forever, Lara JeanThe Girl With The Make Believe HusbandTruth or DareThe Waking Land
I actually got all of these last week but I forgot to include them. I’d preordered Always and Forever Lara Jean and forgot to include as my preorder took a little while to be delivered. Julia Quinn’s newest book was also a preorder. Funny story, actually, I had preordered this but Piatkus contacted me to review it and sent me a copy. I knew I didn’t need two copies of one book so tried to return my preorder. I stated my reasons and requested a refund and it came up my refund would be processed and I didn’t need to return the book! How good is that? Now, I have two copies so any UK folks wanting a copy let me know and we can do a swap or something.

The last two came in my most recent boo box. I only pay for one and it’s always YA books and various things so I like it. It’s the Illumicrate one so it is quarterly. I prefer that as I still don’t manage to read the books which come in it so I dread to think what I’d be like with a monthly one. Anyway, I have a signed copy of Truth or Dare, it’ll be my first Non Pratt book so that’ll be good and then there was an ARC of The Waking Land. I’ve wanted to read that ever since I saw UK ARCs go out so yay!

Flame in the Mist
And, finally, I got the above on Netgalley. I actually thought I wasn’t going to be approved as I requested this book over a month ago. Who doesn’t love a surprise approval on Netgalley? I will be having a week of ARC reading next week to catch up.

And there is my week. How was your week? Anyone read anything good? Tell me all below! And if you have tips on keeping organised with blogging let me know as I am currently a hot mess.
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