09 June 2017

Looking Forward // June 2017

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A girl needs something to look forward and whilst I am actually cutting my spending a touch for my holiday in September I will still be treating myself to a few books (I need something to read on the beach). I wanted to change up the format of this post because I admit, I don’t always have detailed reasons for wanting to read books and they can take forever to write up considering there is little original content in them. This time I am going to feature a lot more books and give less reasons for why I’m excited. Let’s see how it goes.

Books I Want To Buy

Bad RomanceOnce and For AllOur Dark Duet
The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and VirtueStay
This book was on my TBR as soon as I heard about it. I loved I’ll Meet You There so much and so I was thrilled to see another book from Demetrios. I am a little nervous about this book, especially from the summary but I fully believe it will be a powerful and emotional read and I cannot wait. I will even be willing to invest in a full priced copy.

I am obviously going to buy myself a copy of the latest Sarah Dessen book. There was never any doubt on this. She is an author whose summaries I no longer even need to read, I will just add her book to my basket and go on my memory way. I mean, this one, I just know there are weddings involved but I don’t even care I don’t know.

I mean, I already have this one preordered so it kind of feels like cheating but This Savage Song was a favourite read. It was so totally awesome and I really put off reading so OMG I cannot wait to read the sequel and not put of reading it this time around.

This book has been on my radar forever and I cannot wait. I mean a grand tour and a historical setting would have been enough for me but the fact there is a m/m romance and a the MC has a crush on his bestie? Well, that just really is perfect. I have high expectations but this better me brilliant.

Stay will be brilliant. I know I haven’t read Good Boy yet but I will still definitely be buying this because I love the fact that this is a romance where they don’t begin actually meeting but instead flirt via phone first. It will be awesome and I cannot wait to start reading.

Books I’m Dithering Over

Aftercare InstructionsIf Birds Fly BackInternet FamousSpellbook of Lost and Found
I won’t go into detail on any of these books but these four books are ones I’ve added to my TBR but are now dithering over wanting to read. I will hold out for reviews and if I spot them I may give them a shot.

Books I Have Already

32828372Shattered MindsThe Hundredth QueenDuke with benefits
I also won’t go into detail on these are they are all ones I have copies of. I am excited to read Shattered Minds as I adored False Hearts (guys, check it out) but the rest I’m also dithering over now. I was excited for Roar but I’ve seen a couple of mixed things. The Hundredth Queen, I’ve heard mention that it’s not brilliant with some of it’s representation, it’s a little generic. And Duke With Benefits I was dithering over even before I agreed to an ARC because of the first book. I’m willing to give the author a second chance, though, because library!

And those are my books for June. What are you most excited to read? And what books were you excited to read but have begun to dither over?

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