Sunday Summary // 02.07.2017

02 July 2017

Sunday Summary
It’s July! I can’t believe we’re officially in the second half of the year! 2017 has certainly passed by quickly so far and it may not have been all good but I am feeling positive right now.

This week’s theme was sleep. Half of my conversations have revolved around the fact I have been bone-achingly tired. I cannot fully explain why I was so tired. I think it was working last Saturday it put my body clock out of sync because no matter how much sleep I got I was still tired. I aim to remedy that fact this weekend and get lots of sleep but my plans frequently go awry. My tiredness means I haven’t really done a lot. I have basically spent a copious amount of time getting reacquainted with my bed. PJs have been my go to outfit and it’s been awesome.
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I have started a rewatch of Psych, as well. I heard they’re doing a movie and I remembered how much I loved this show and so I’ve been slowly buying up the seasons online. I’m onto season 2 and sure it may be ridiculous and rarely gets too serious


What I’ve Been Reading

Every Little ThingWhen Dimple Met RishiBig Boy
My reading slump is improving ever so slightly. I've finished three books! I mean, one was a novella so it's not completely a book, but I say I've finished three. Every Little Thing was such an excellent read and it got me excited to read again. Then I started When Dimple Met Rishi and I finished that in two days! That is the fastest I’ve read a book in about a fortnight so you just know I loved it. And then Bog Boy was just this brilliantly satisfying romance that I absolutely loved. Why have I not read more Ruthie Knox? 

New To Me

When Dimple Met RishiA Harmless Little GameRemeber WhenBig Boy31331865Conspiracy of RavensLucky Harbor Collection 4180 SecondsMoxieThe Start of Me and You
Yes, I admit I probably bought a few too many books this week. I kept hoping it would motivate me to read. I mean, I had to return Crooked Kingdom back to my library unread because of this slump so I want to kick this slump and reborrow that. But yeah, I bought way too many cheap Kindle books and way, way too many physical ones. I’m glad I have, though. I was so excited by the new Zoella books so I kind of had to. Especially as Moxie and The Start of Me and You aren’t out here yet. So yes, I bought more books than necessary but I am excited to read all of them.
Leviathan WakesAnd I borrowed a single book from the library. Hopefully, I will manage to read this one, unlike Crooked Kingdom. I’ve been more in the mood for some sci-fi lately. I loved the TV show, The Expanse, so I hope this book is good if not better than the TV show.

How has your week been? Anyone got any good books recs? Anyone else love a bit of Psych, too?
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