Sunday Summary // 30.07.2017

30 July 2017

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday. It has been a busy week which has been upsetting because all I’ve wanted to do was read Wildfire! But also not read Wildfire because I know this is meant to be a trilogy and I certainly don’t want it to end.

I had a very relaxed weekend last weekend and began my week feeling rested and my cold was mostly shifted so I was positive for the week ahead. It has been a busy busy week with us rushing to get work finished for the end of the month and trying to still train people and it’s been exhausting. We did have a fun night out a Greek restaurant Thursday night and although I was exhausted from meeting a friend at the pub the night before I did have a good time. The restaurant wasn’t the best but the company was great and I would eat Greek again (maybe not there, though). it’s always good to go out with folks from work and have fun whilst not discussing work for once. I can say it’s the most fun I’ve had out in a while and I’ve got another night out planned next weekend.

I also went to the optician this weekend. I love my trips to the opticians (not) and it’s always a joy being told to try frames on and see what they look like when I can’t see without my glasses! Like, why is there not a camera thing installed for me to take pictures of myself with frames on? Instead, I took like 100 different selfies on my phone to inspect myself and sent them to everyone I knew for second opinions. I did finally settle on a new pair but I won’t get them for a fortnight! And I’ll have to go and have a contact lens check when I go but I’ve got it with my favourite of the opticians people so I am kind of glad it’ll be a long wait as he not only makes you feel totally at ease as he puts his face far too close to yours to inspect your eyes but he tells the best stories (I’m being serious, he is the best).

I also had a hilarious time with my mom Saturday. She’s ordered herself a new fridge freezer as ours is on its last legs. She was very excited and waited in all day for it. The delivery men came and brought it into our hallway… and then left. So we had this 6-foot box with a fridge freezer inside sat in our hallway and the unpacking instructions were basically: cut the strips, remove the box and unpack. That is not helpful! I mean, the box was six foot tall how were we meant to lift that off? We managed simply by tearing the staples holding it together out and after much laughter and careful manoeuvring we got the box out the front door… but we were then left with a freezer on a polystyrene pallet in our hallway. We ended up waiting for my stepdad to help us out as we have skinny arms and that thing weighed a ton. He could do some heavy lifting for us. He got it into the kitchen anyway (although I feel a complaint coming on as they didn’t take into the room we needed it in for us to then unpack and it got scratched so my mom’s annoyed).

Apart from that, it’s been a really dull week. I’m spending my pay cheque before I even have it and I will be poor by the end of the month but yay for holiday shopping (why are swimsuits and bikinis so expensive?). I am seriously having the best time planning for my holiday. I even bought a dress off of Amazon to give it a go. I blame Buzzfeed they keep doing posts about cheap stuff you can find on Amazon and it convinced me.

What I’ve Been Reading

Leviathan WakesBlackbirdWildfire
Okay, I admit I only began reading Leviathan Wakes because I was due to return it to the library and didn’t want it to be another book I kept renewing. I did not finish it before returning. I am going to borrow it off of my brother as he will let me borrow it for like a year and not ask for it back (we’re good like that). I did start reading Blackbird, though, and finished it! I was craving an angsty read and so really, it had to be done. I had some issues, I have a post to write about whether or not certain plotlines are just more acceptable outside of a contemporary setting as I had issues with the whole Stockholm syndrome thing going on. And then I read Wildfire which I enjoyed so damn much and there aren't words for it. It was so good!

New To Me

Let Us DreamBeauty and the Mustache30979553Hate to Want You<Wildfire
I’ve been reasonably restrained with my book buying, I think? I mean, Let Us Dream was 99p and everyone has to start their Alyssa Cole reading somewhere, right? And Beauty and the Mustache was free and I figure I’ll try Penny Reid’ books. I couldn’t say no to a 92p Shelly Laurenston either. And then Hate To Want You and Wildfire were both preorders so they hardly even count, right?
ElantrisSilk is For SeductionGambit Classic
When returning Leviathan Wakes I accidentally borrowed three books from the library. Two had been on my TBR for a long while and Gambit is just one of my favourite X Men so when I saw this on the comic book shelf I grabbed it and have no regrets.
And only two ARCs this week and I will totally be doing some kind of ARC reading marathon in the month of August. I need to shift them.

How has your week been? Anyone else found that the company really made a meal great rather than the food? And what do you do when you’re too busy to sit down for 5 minutes with a good book?
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