31 July 2017

Monthly Wrap Up // July 2017

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The end og July arrived and I don’t know how it happened! I mean, where has the month gone? I know I had The Epic Reading Slump of 2017 to contend with so I didn’t spend as much of the month reading as I might have but even without books I can’t figure out what happened. I know I spent a lot of time with friends and at work so socialising took up a lot of time this month. That’s not  bad thing, real life is allowed to happen, but it’s always strange seeing my days pass so quickly.

Can’t Stop Listening

One More Light – Linkin Park

Uh Huh - Julia Michaels
Beth – Kina Grannis
Sweat – All American Rejects

July Reads

When Dimple Met Rishi31331865The Sea KingWildfire
Big BoySummer's LeaseThirteen Reasons WhyLeave the night onTone Deaf
Past PerfectBlackbird

July Posts

July Links

Book Birds | Your Guide To 2018 YA Releases (because you can never start too early keeping track of them)

Resolution Catch Up

I really feel like I should stop putting this part in my wrap up because I’ve lost all motivation my resolutions. I have achieved most but that ever elusive wish to cut my unread books is a challenge I need to reconsider. As is my attempt at the Shelf Love challenge. It just isn’t happening because I keep getting new books and ARCs so I will pretty much

2017 Discussion Challenge:
I’ve been pretty successful on this one. Below are all my discussion posts from the beginning of the year which I’ll be adding on to each month. I wanted to manage a discussion post a month, with me hoping for 20+ if it was a really good year. I may not manage 20+ but I’ve definitely gotten up more than one a month. I mean, I’ll be closer to 20 than 15 (hopefully) and if I manage to get 3 discussions posts up in some months I will be a discussion queen!

Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge
8/12 Categories
I’ve progressed! I did have to employ a loose interpretation of one of the prompts ‘A book abut a topic or subject you already love’ that became a favourite trope (fake relationship) but it’s my challenge and I’ll do what I want! I only have ‘A book with a reputation for being un-put-downable’, ‘A book about books or reading’, ‘A book you don’t want to admit you’re dying to read’ and ‘A book in the backlist of a new favourite author’. Those shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

I think I might develop my own personal reading challenge for myself next year. One with prompts designed to force me to read books I already own. I’ll start thinking of ideas now and we’ll see how it goes.

How has your July been? Anyone else finding this year is just flying by? And what has been your favourite read of the month?

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