Mid Year Freakout Tag (A Month Late)

01 August 2017

Mid Year Freakout
So, I saw this tag about and knew I had to do it. Only, it turns out it took me a month to actually complete this tag. Tags are meant to be quick but for some reason it can take weeks for me to finish them. It’s only August, it’s past mid year but I can still freakout. I have only included books I’ve read up to the end of June, though.

Best book(s) I’ve read so far in 2017?

326138655338576323271481825701463335435351048575131366516Captive Prince8 Prince's Gambit9 Kings RisingWhite HotThe Girl With The Make Believe HusbandShattered Minds
I can’t pick just one so here is a selection of favourites from the first six months of the year.

Best sequel you’ve read in 2017?

31366516Shattered Minds32613865White Hot32714818
I’ve read a few so here are my absolute favourites. I am still not over The Dark Days Pact, I still get angry about certain things and just… I’m not over the Duke. Shattered Minds is more a companion novel than a sequel but I do not care. Same goes for Pretty Face. White Hot was amazing (as was Wildfire but that now classes as the second half of the year) and Kelley Armstrong proved her brilliance with A Darkness Absolute.

New release you haven’t read yet but want to?

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and VirtueI Believe In A Thing Called LoveEliza and her Monsters
There are so many but here are three I know I want to read and simply don’t own yet. They are on my to buy list. I may treat myself for my holiday, always need good holiday books, right?

Most anticipated release for the second half of 2017?

This was a no brainer. This book I have been waiting for ever since I began the first book in the Cainsville series. It is utterly fantastic and I cannot wait! My preorder is in and I am counting down the days until it’s out. You would not believe how excited I am. I;m just upset I won’t be able to start reading until after work!

Also… yes I am aware the UK cover is pretty hideous.

Biggest disappointment?

I had such high hopes of Labyrinth Lost. I mean, Danya raved and really wanted to like it but by 50% I had to DNF. The MC just frustrated the living hell out of me. I may go back to it and hopefully I’ll be more willing to put up with her.

Biggest surprise?

33857632332247184. Daddy's Best Friend5. The DILF
Letters to the Lost was a book I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was surprised at how much I ended up loving it. I had been going off YA and it proved that it’s all down to the book. Geekerella was another surprise because I thought I would enjoy it but I didn’t know how much, I actually hate the fairytale Cinderella so the fact it was a retelling put me off a little but it was such a good read. And finally two London Hale books. I read them because Nick loved them and I thought, why not? They are ridiculous but so damn enjoyable, who knew books with such terrible names could be fun?

Favourite New Author?

I only recently discovered Ruthie Knox (because of Nick, I notice a trend with books I love) and I have to say, why didn’t I discover books by her sooner? They are fantastic, unfortunately it seems some of her books haven’t been released here in the UK so I may never get to read it (why? Just why?) and she is author Robin York so that’s a whole other set of books to read. Yay!

Newest Favourite character?

White Hot
Erm? I don’t know. I mean, can I say The Baylors as a whole? They just exploded into awesome in that second book. They got character and depth and I fell in love with all of them (even more so in the third book). I don’t really do the whole loving a character thing too much because once a book is over I forget but The Baylors were definitely a favourite.

Books that made you cry?

7788360Goodbye DaysThe Forever House
There probably are a lot more books which made me cry because I do cry so very easily but these were the ones which sprang to mind straight away. Before I Fall surprised me with how upset I got whilst reading. I thought I’d feel very disconnected from it all as the characters weren’t always the nicest but I was teary at the end. Goodbye Days has me randomly crying all over the place it was ridiculous. And The Forever House was another surprise emotional read. I thought it would be touching but I was in tears towards the end. I’d grown so attached to the characters.

Book that made you happy?

I mean, most books make me happy. I know a lot more than are on this list would qualify but these are a few. Pretty Face made me insanely happy as it was both a good second book and a good book in itself. The Upside of Unrequited made me happy because I didn’t expect to love the characters and connect with them as much as I did. And Agnes and the Hitman? Well, any Jennifer Crusie book makes me happy but this one was extra good because I hadn’t read it before!

Favourite Book to movie adaptation?

I admit, I’ve not seen many book to movie adaptations so this was difficult. I did see Hidden Figures, though, so I’m going with that. I realise that certain aspects of the film are inaccurate but I really loved seeing the women of NASA own that place.

Most beautiful book you bought so far this year?

I love this cover and this book. I loved that there was artwork throughout the book and that it connected with the story I only wish it had been in colour! And the writing was fantastic and the story brilliant and I cannot believe I read a YA book with no romance and enjoyed it!

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

All of them. I won’t even bother listing, I have so many and I can’t prioritise one over the other because that would be so mean!

I know you’ve all probably done this by now but how has the first half of your year gone?
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