Sunday Summary // 13.08.2017

13 August 2017

Sunday Summary
Guys, you don’t even know how exhausted I feel. This week has been the longest week and for no apparent reason. I mean, I’ve been busy I’ve had lots to do. I feel like I haven’t stopped and so time should have flown by but work is dragging. Maybe it’s because I spend the first half hour of my working day alone eating breakfast and reading the paper, it’s a little too quiet. I don’t know why but the week has dragged and that always sucks.

I was out last Saturday if you guys recall and I actually wasn’t hungover the next day. Get a few drinks down me (and one very tasty one with vodka and jam in it which was the bomb) and I was dancing to cheesy pop music with folks from work and having a great time. I had my usual meal from my favourite takeaway before heading home and I was in bed and asleep by 3 am. It was basically a great night out and then I spent Sunday just relaxing (and not blogging… oops?).

Some awful stuff then happened around where I live and to people I know and so that sucked. But then work distracted me which is always good. We’ve been so busy trying to train folks and I am having to do some of it because I’ve been there a while and it’s exhausting I’m exhausted. I think the bad stuff has added into my long week and then every time you turn on the news Donald Trump is doing something to try and get folks killed because that’s what he does. Or you hear about crappy things happening in America that really shouldn’t happen in 2017. I’m not surprised I haven’t felt more positive.

I wouldn’t have left the house Saturday if I hadn’t got another appointment at the opticians (yes I have my new glasses). I also am trialling new contact lenses so I may start wearing those on a more regular basis if I find these to be comfy. We’ll see how they go. it was weird, though. The optician put them in my eyes for me. It’s definitely the weirdest experience at the opticians of recent memory.

It hasn’t been all negative, though. One of my friends is getting married towards the end of the year and planning for the hen do has been under way. I am so excited as it turns out we’re renting a house down in Bath for a weekend! I’ve never been to Bath but the place is stunning and filled with history and we so better be going out exploring during the day for this thing because that is literally all I want to do whilst there. Is that wrong of me? I think not. I mean, who goes to Bath and doesn’t experience the history?

What I’ve Been Reading

The Hate U Give4. Beyond the Highland Mist5. The Female of the Species
Okay, so I have actually had a pretty good reading week. I dithered over picking up a book Saturday as my reading challenge starts Sunday so I just indulged in fanfiction (which has inspired me to think of another post to write but damn I have so many half finished post ideas of late). I only read three books this week (which isn’t bad, but I had wanted to read more) and one of those I skim read in parts because it turns out I wasn’t as in the mood for crazy sauce romance as I thought and the alpha male hero had me fed up (Beyond the Highland Mist, just FYI). I did read two really good books, though. The Hate U Give was insanely good and hit me in the feels all over the place (seriously, the number of times I teared up in public was embarrassing, warning label guys!) and then The Female of the Species got me all kinds of riled up because it talked about important issues and just. Ugh! I mean, I struggled to find the right words for it being so good. It was awesome and amazing and I feel like I should link to a whole bunch of articulate reviews to explain why.

New To Me

The Watchmaker's DaughterLove and Gelato4. Beyond the Highland Mist
I admit I got new books and I am on a spending ban. I did only spend 99p in total, though. That’s pretty damn good going if I do say so myself. The Watchmaker’s Daughter was free and I liked the cover so hopefully, it will be a Kindle books I remember to read. Love & Gelato is free for Kindle and was iBooks free book of the week so I got that. Beyond the Highland Mist is the only book I purchased and it wasn’t great but oh well.
Before We Were StrangersExit, Pursued By A BearMind GamesNoteworthy5. The Female of the Species
I have begun using the tag #booksfortradeuk and I have completed a few swaps in the past week and they all arrived in the post this week. I did pretty good and got a bunch of books which have been on my TBR for a while. I’ve already read The Female of the Species and loved it so hopefully, I will love the rest just as much.
InvictusJuniper Lemon's Happiness IndexHortense and the Shadow
And I also got a few ARCs. I really need to cut down on the ARCs. These might be the last until after my holiday just so I can take some time to catch up. I am insanely excited to read Invictus, though. I got Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index because I’ve heard some good things and the cover is really pretty. I basically can’t say no. As for Hortense and the Shadow… I kind of accidentally got it. You know you have emails from Netgalley and you click the link? I got auto approved for it and clicked the link. It’s a picture book and the artwork looks amazing. You guys may get to see my first every picture book review!

So there is my week. I’m exhausted and it’s been long and weird and I hate watching the news of late. It hasn’t been all bad and the books have been good. Anyone read anything good or have a similar accidental Netgalley story to tell?
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