Looking Forward // August 2017

03 August 2017

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This month is a tough month for looking forward to books as I am attempting to employ a small spending ban until I go away (when I will be treating myself to all the romance and beach reads I can get my hands on). I want to read some more of what’s on my shelf so I am taking part in a reading challenge (more on that in my next post). I have plenty of books I want this month, both new releases and official UK releases, so we’ll see. I have a whole heap that are must buys and I’m left questioning when I’ll actually get to buy them.

The Must Buys (And Will Buys)

The Epic Crush of Genie LoThe Gentleman's Guide to Vice and VirtueRamona BlueRituals

This is a recent addition to my TBR from bloggers who have loved it. I am eagerly awaiting the release and will dither endlessly about preordering. I shouldn’t… but I really want to.

Okay, this is the second appearance of this book here but the UK hardback is being released and this is one I may accidentally on purpose purchase because all the good things have been said. All of them!

Another second feature here, this time around it’s Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy. I’ve recently read Dumplin’ and when I heard there was a hardback being released here in the UK I got all of a dither. This is one of those reads which sounds brilliant, looks brilliant, and will be mine.

The last of the Cainsville books is being released! Kelley Armstrong us queen, I adore her books and as my library is taking it’s sweet ass time about getting this in I’ve preordered myself a copy (her books are always pricey here in the UK so this is a treat for myself).

The Already Acquired

Leave the night onHouse of Secrets
Just two books I’ve already acquired. One is Leave The Night On, an enjoyable fake romance set down south and a damn enjoyable read. I really liked it and read it really fast. The second is a Sarra Manning book, The House of Secrets. I really like it so far and I think it’s going to be another brilliant book told through dual storylines set in the past and the present. It’s shaping up to be heartbreaking and memorable.

The Maybes

Kissing Max HoldenThe Secret History of usFreshers
how to disappearWish You Were Here
As you can see there are a few books I’m dithering over and they are mostly YA. I find I have lots of books I’ve heard about and thought ‘that sounds cool’ only to find myself going off of them later on. I’ve not been as interested in reading YA of late, I’ve definitely found myself being a bit more selective with those books so I will hold off for all the reviews and see how it goes. Freshers is a UKYA book, though, so that one may get a chance out of all of them.

Have you read any of the books I’m looking forward to? Which are worth breaking my spending ban for and which should I wait for the library to get for me?
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