27 August 2017

Sunday Summary // 27.08.2017

Sunday Summary
Another week has ended and I honestly don’t know where my week has gone. I mean, I would love to say I’ve spent it reading but I haven’t all that much, there have only been a couple of evenings where I’ve let myself get lost in the joys of reading. And it hasn’t been spent on blogging either (sorry guys, replying to comments and commenting on your posts is a priority this weekend… again).

I spent last weekend and the beginning of this week catching up on a little over 2 weeks worth of blog comments and tackling emails (which I have to tackle again, why is life so hard?). I am finding I am constantly falling behind on things with my blog so I am having a long hard think on a new blog strategy. I will even write a discussion post (maybe) on it. I;m not sure what kind of post but my discussion senses are tingling.

As I said last week, my supervisor was off this week so I was the go to person on my team (I love that people are willing to turn to me for these things because yay people respect me in my job but ugh, I so do not have the patience for questions sometimes). It was good though because I got all the gossip first. I love when managers tell you important stuff and I was the first to know one of our new starters handed his notice in (I know guys… I know, another one bites the dust). But it’s weird because he did it after the weekend and when he knew our supervisor was off. He’d had a performance review a few days before so I reckon he didn’t like what he heard and decided to quit while he only had a weeks notice. What’s weirder is he didn’t mention it to anyone on the team and it was only when our manager decided he was becoming more of a hindrance than a help during the week and told him he could finish early that everyone found out. And when he was leaving he didn’t even say bye! I feel like maybe he didn’t like us.
another one bites the dust
Apart from that work drama (which was quite funny looking back on it), it’s not been too exciting for me. My BFF has finally moved into her house though! It was very exciting as she has been waiting for that house for 8 months so that’s cool. I’ve barely gotten to see it as she has practically no furniture so anytime we’ve hung out we’ve left the house. It is very exciting because she is becoming a proper grown up whilst I am not. I'll let her try it out first, though, before I brave adulthood.

Apart from those things I’ve mostly just making plans with folks to meet up. Past work people are pushing for a meetup. Current work people are pushing for an out of hours event. Everyone wants to do stuff and it’s time-consuming thinking up plans! We have organised my friend’s hen do, mostly, though. There is a spa day involved and time at the Roman Baths and just, I think it’s going to be fun.

What I’ve Been Reading

Leviathan Wakes8. Alias Vol. 1Irresistible You
I finally finished Leviathan Wakes! I loved it but it’s been a while since I’ve read a book which was quite so long. I spoke to my brother about it and he agreed that the books in this series do take a while to read but they are well worth the effort. It’s such a well thought out storyline and I'm interested to see where the next book will go. Sadly, I am waiting for my brother to drop round the second book and he has a flat tyre on his car so that will probably be another week until that happens. I’ve got ARCs and reading challenge books to read until then. I did decide to tackle a graphic novel (not one of the ones I named) but after my Defenders binge watch on Netflix I felt inspired to read the first Jessica Jones book because she is my favourite character. The Alias comics weren’t quite on par with the series, not this first volume, anyway. I think it’s one which will improve with each collection so I’ll have to try and get a hold of the second one. This first volume was part of Prime Reading so I got it free so off to the library I shall go. I then had a craving for some romance and was inspired by Lisa’s review. it was very good, it’s been a while since I read a good sports romance so it definitely sated that craving.

New To Me

The NaturalsKiller InstinctWonder Woman WarbringerNyxia
You will not believe it guys, but no actual money was spent on books this week… well… there was but it was just postage or a subscription box. That’s different. The lovely Luna was getting rid of some books and posted a pic on Twitter, I saw a book I wanted and offered postage for it. She found the ARC for the next book in the series and a couple of weeks and an Amazon gift card later they arrived in my house and I couldn’t be happier. I wanted to read The Naturals after Kaja mentioned the books to me so yay! I also got my latest Illumicrate in the post so was thrilled to get a Wonder Woman: Warbringer and an ARC of Nyxia. I love that book box and it works perfectly for me that it’s quarterly as it gives me time to read the books I get.

#TheReadingQuest Progress

We are now two weeks in and I’ve read a grand total of one book in my main quest, and two for my side quest. I need to up my game! It’s harder than I first thought but I’m staying positive. I do have 30EXP and 116HP after all.
How has your week been? I know I get annoyed/depressed watching the news of late but I’m still managing to find things to make me smile in the every day. Anyone else get inventive with how they justify new books?

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