05 August 2017

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I am not usually one for reading challenges. I suck at them because I struggle reading within set parameters and find the restrictions chafe (when at any other time I would love to read certain books). In the end, I can work with shorter ones and those that which can hold my interest. So along comes Aentee with the best reading challenge ever (I mean, all the ones she does sound awesome, I was going to do the Pokemon one but life got in the way) but when she hinted at a game inspired challenge on Twitter I knew it was one for me. So here comes The Reading Quest. The video game inspired reading challenge I didn’t even know I wanted.
The Reading Quest Becky
There are four paths to take in this and I’ve chosen the one which will be easiest for me and I will be a mage. It means I can focus on fantasy books on my quest and try and clear a few things off of my shelves.
My quest is simple, I must read book matching those categories and will earn points doing so. I will try and earn XP but this is more having a guided path to clear my TBR.
  • A book with a one word title: Wintersong/Rituals
  • A book that contains magic: The Bone Witch
  • A book based on mythology: A Star Touched Queen
  • A book set in a different world: Strange the Dreamer
  • The first book of a series:  Flame in the Mist

Side Quests

  • Potions – A book concocted by 2 authors: Ilona Andrews book… one I’ve not read?
  • Multiplayer – Buddy read a book: Danya and Nick, I’ll be hitting you both up for this one
  • Grind – A book with 500+ pages: Leviathan Wakes (will it count since I read the first chapter and gave up?)
  • Time Warp – A book set in the past or the future: Ivory and Bone, or any historical romance on my Kindle.
  • Open World – Read whatever you want:
  • Respawn – Read a book you previously DNF: Miss Peregrine’s? Bascially any of my huge tower of books I will read
  • Expansion – Read a companion novel or short story:
  • Mini-Game – Read a graphic novel, novella, or poem collection: Classic Gambit or Lumberjanes volume 1
  • Animal Companion – Book referencing an animal in the title:

This is still a work in progress, I'm figuring stuff out and I will hopefully progress on to all the quests and conquer my TBR. Feel free to offer suggestions of books. Are you doing any reading challenges?

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