Sunday Summary // 09.07.2017

09 July 2017

Sunday Summary
It is another week and my reading slump is still in place. I am not wallowing but it’s a little frustrating as I keep seeing lots of good books I can’t buy because the slump reigns supreme. If it doesn’t end by the end of next week I am resorting to rereading to keep me reading because I kind of miss it but I can’t seem to settle on what I’m reading. I refuse to get myself down about it and I refuse to dwell. I will get my mojo back and until then… well… there is a reason I pay for Netflix.

Anyway, my week has been pretty dull. I pretty much only watched Psych and met up with a friend for a cheeky drink but otherwise… nada. I did get the Crash Bandicoot remake recently and I have remembered how terrible I was at those games. I have a lot less patience than I did as a kid as well so that Game Over screen makes me want to chuck the controller at the TV. I am determined to play but God damn I need to learn patience.

I had a good old clear out of my clothes yesterday. I had to clear out some of the things I don’t wear or simply what doesn’t fit me (turns out you put on weight working a desk job). It was actually a really good thing because I rediscovered clothes. How do you forget you own certain clothes? I obviously own too many and need to buy more for my holiday. Or want to, my wardrobe is better for autumn and winter.

One really positive thing which happened this week is that I discovered an awesome new website. I have a thing for stationery. I love notebooks and pens and having more notebooks than any girl needs. I like buying things and that is why I’ve lived at home for quite so long. Ohh Deer is this cool website with clothing, gifts and whole heaps of stationery and they do this subscription box which I am so tempted to buy but who goes through enough stationery to require more every month?

I also have been trying to find myself a good breakfast to take on the go to work. I used to have cereal and porridge as I get to work so early but we have been getting stroppy emails from an office manager on a power trip telling us milk is only for drinks at work (the milk is bought by the company, they are allowed to dictate these things) but it means now I need to find new things to take to work because half the folks at work are thieving bastards and steal my milk when I buy my own. I’ve discovered the wonder that is overnight oats. I mean, I say wonder but I’ve not actually tried them yet. I had a whole drama with Amazon as I bought some jars to put them in online and they didn’t get delivered because Amazon are dicks and are messing me about. When I then complained to them they gave me a month extra on my Amazon prime and promised they’d come the next day… only I then got a message that where it was being delivered to was closed so they’d redeliver on a working day. I was getting them delivered to home and my house was not closed! I am not best pleased but I got some Kilner jars in town so I’ll try doing it in those. We’ll see how it goes.

If you have good breakfast recipes that require very little work and no morning prep then let me know. I love food.

What I’ve Been Reading

Summer's Lease31331865
Yep, just one book was finished and I am currently reading Alex, Approximately. Summer’s Lease was a great summery read and if I wasn't feeling so slumpy I would have read it in one sitting. It was such a great easy read and really made me want to be in the sun and to go travelling because Italy sounds lovely. I started Alex, Approximately Friday night and I'm really loving it. Bailey is awesomely awkward, which I can relate to, nd I am loving Porter so far. I'm optimistic I'm going to love it. I'm a third of the way in so we shall see.

New To Me

Past Perfect
I bought just one book this week. One! And I only bought it was checking what books from my Goodreads to buy shelf was at my local library and somehow stumbled upon this book being just £1.61 online. No girl can say no to that kind of offer. It took a little while to be delivered but it was so worth it.
Lost and Found SistersCity of Brass
I did get two review copies this week. I was so surprised to see Lost and Found Sisters in the post because I’d emailed about it forever ago so that was a lovely surprise to collect from the post office. And then The City of Brass was my second approval on Edelweiss and I am so damn excited! I only requested because Danya and Nick mentioned it to me and I’m so pleased they did! This book sounds awesome, like really awesome!

And that is my week. It’s really pretty dull so please tell me exciting things about yours. Read any good books? Got any get recipes to recommend? Just plain old want to chat?
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