Sunday Summary // 16.07.2017

16 July 2017

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday. As you can probably tell, I have done a small makeover of the blog. I’ve not completely finished, yet. I’ve still got some headers to change for older features I don’t use as much but maybe this weekend I’ll finish it off. Then I’ve got 500+ posts to make sure are correctly formatted and such. I only made minor design changes to the blog but hopefully, you all like it!

Apart from blog changes I also had a fun week seeing friends. One of my oldest friends is getting married this year and she was home for a couple of days buying a wedding dress. It’s so exciting as she’s bought it! She needed a chance to get it off of her chest some of the drama and stress from wedding planning whilst filling me in on all of her life updates. That was a really nice night but I was exhausted the next day at work.

Then, I am writing this on a Saturday (as usual) but I’m going for food with a friend tonight and then I am finally seeing Wonder Woman at the cinema. I am excited, I mean, everyone has said good things so really how could I not be excited to go watch? Hopefully, it’s as good as I hope but I am a little concerned that since I’m going to a late showing I may nod off watching. We’ll have to wait and see.

Now, I’ve not mentioned work too much lately apart from being exhausted and working one weekend but something new happened this week. One of my friends from work handed his notice in. It sucks because he is a good friend and helped to make my days enjoyable… also, he is my breakfast friend so it’s sad to see he’s going but he’s been struggling for a while at work and he really has made the best decision for himself but it means another newbie. It’s not on my team, at least, so no more training for me. I’m getting sick of hearing the sound of my own name. So many questions, it’s exhausting!

What I’ve Been Reading

31331865Thirteen Reasons WhyLeave the night on
I’ve been slowly ending my slump (I hope) I am getting excited about reading again, which is always a good sign. I finished Alex, Approximately and it was so good! I don’t fully know how to put into words how much I loved it. Hopefully, I can summarise it well in a review for next week. I then decided to read Thirteen Reasons Why because I’ve been putting off watching it on Netflix and that book was very well written (I thought so, anyway). And then I read another ARC in the form of Leave The Night On and it was such a good romance read. I think mixing up what I read will help drive off the slump, we shall see.

New To Me

SecondbornThe Hate U GiveTone Deaf
I’ve not done much book shopping (not really, anyway) but I did get a few new books and I am very excited to read them. There is one here which I know everyone will say I should read and I am excited to start The Hate U Give.
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely FineThere's Someone Inside Your HouseArtemisCompletely
I may be in the most epic of reading slumps but hot damn I’ve been getting lots of ARCs. I’ve got Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine after requesting a while back. The summary was vague enough that I was interested, fingers crossed it’s a decent read. I am so thrilled to have There’s Someone Inside Your House because I love a lot of what Stephanie Perkins writes and I’m interested to see more from her. You would not believe the flailing I did over Artemis so really, do I need words to explain why I’m excited. Andy Weir is a bookish genius in my mind after The Martian. And then some more flailing happened after being approved for Completely (I blame Nick for this one) and I am so excited. I’ve loved Ruthie Knox’s books so far and so fingers crossed for this one.

My week has been busy and fun and fingers crossed for an amazing reading week next week. How has your week been? Any good reads or amazing new books you’ve found you absolutely need to get your hands on?
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