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20 July 2017

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I was intending to do a completely different post for my discussion. I have a whole heap of discussions I want to do, in fact. And a book tag I really want to do even though I’ve not been tagged in it, but then I decided to give my blog a makeover and wanted to ask you all a question.

Do you ever look back at old posts?

I never look at old posts beyond a few weeks because I’ve moved onto new things and once a post a is a few years old I get nervous to look at what I said because I am continually growing and changing as a blogger and old blog me isn’t necessarily the same as new blog me, you know?
I also don’t look at old posts because I get nervous about what my writing will be like. I am terrible for not spellchecking or reading over posts before they go live. I’ve almost posted something with a half written sentence in it before. I am a lazy blogger who will one day post something where I've typed ‘blah blah blah’ or something stupid because I know I want to say something there which I can’t be bothered to type. So, my old posts are left to gather dust and I do nothing to promote them. But then, I had to start checking posts for dead images because of photobucket and try and make sure all my posts had the right header images going on with the makeover (which continues because I’ve still not redone my Top Ten Tuesday header or Author Addiction one). But, whilst I was checking through posts I started reading some of them, something I never do.
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My reviews will always make me cringe, I will not ever get over that, but I do find my discussion posts interesting. And my Top Ten Tuesday posts, especially those featuring a list of books I’m excited to read, are really interesting because I can see if I read them or still want to read them. It’s actually quite fun. I mean, this is my Spring 2014 TBR post and I’ve read most of this or still want to read them and that is awesome!
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And reading some of my old discussion posts I’m either nodding along thinking ‘I’m a genius having these totally amazing thoughts’ or shaking my head' thinking ‘WTF was I on when I wrote this, why did no one stop me?’. Thankfully, it was more of the first than the second, but these things happen. I even like some of my past discussions and feel like they are very relevant and I question how I thought of them when I was I just starting out. This is my first discussion post ‘How are you expected to stand out from the crowd?’ and I still have these thoughts! I’d been blogging a month and who knew I’d be so on point? And then I saw this post I wrote where I spoke about blogging slumps whilst relating a story of where I had to persevere and it worked out! Why don’t I read old posts more often?

Do you read old posts of yours? I know some bloggers feature old posts on their social media, do you do that?
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