Top Ten Books I'd Give To Readers Who Have Never Read New Adult

05 August 2014

The Broke and the Bookish are proposing we give ten books to read to those who have never entered into to different genres. New adult may seem a bit of an obvious choice (especially when it was suggested on the TTT page) but I feel I am widely read in this genre. I know this is basically touching on the same things I wrote about during the Sex Me Up Readathon, but I feel this a genre that is too often scorned. So this post is to all those that may have overlooked this genre, and to all those who aren’t sure where to begin to even attempt to approach it.
These are the books to read if you are really new to the genre as they are very inoffensive. They are basically an extension of the young adult contemporary genre, but it expands more into more adult romance books. They contain things which may be considered more adult, but they don’t get to the extent of being all raunchy sex and extreme angst as the NA genre is known for being. Dare You To will appeal to those who read YA books as this is pretty much a YA book, at least I view it as such. Maybe Someday will similarly appeal to YA readers and contemporary readers, it is such a wonderful book that even if you’re not interested in the NA genre you will appreciate this book regardless. It gets a bit ‘angsty’ at times, but not too much, not so it’s unbearable. And Boomerang is the book everyone is talking about. It’s funny, it’s light-hearted, it contains sex and more grown up characters than those which appear in YA books, but the book isn’t all sex, trivial conflicts and being too obvious. There are well-written characters and situations, witty banter and plenty of snark. It is a new adult book for those who would normally roll their eyes at a typical romance novel.
I feel this is self explanatory. These are books that have sex, but don’t judge them on that fact alone, there is depth and fun characters and I just like them, okay? Easy deals with overbearing boys and being able to stand up for yourself and how appearances aren’t everything. This books has angst, but it’s not overwhelming. Foreplay is pretty obvious with hat it is about. There is something about books with an innocent girl wanting to become ‘experienced’ before getting with her dream man which appeal to me. Don't ask. It is good though, it is a good book. I first came across it when Sarah J Maas tweeted about one of Sophie Jordan’s books, so I was obviously all over it. Wait For You is angst ridden (sorry) but it is good despite that. New adult books are clichéd at times, but I like them for it. This book has some clichéd plot points within, but it is good despite succumbing to typical topes, which makes it even better. All Lined Up appeals to me on a Friday Night Lights level. It has football in it and it is set in the south, which ticks boxes for me for some reason. Cora Carmack writes good books, and she knows her romance. This is a good contemporary read, and you will feel an urge to watch Friday Night Lights upon finishing, so bonus?
I stopped being able to think of good categories for the books I wanted to recommend, but I knew I wanted to recommend these books. Faking it is the second book in it’s series, but honestly, the first book is not as good as this one. The great thing about this book is that your main female character is not your stereotypical girl of the new adult genre. She is not the girl who is pretty without knowing it, who is shy and uncomfortable in her own skin. She is fun, sarcastic, she is rough around the edges and abrasive at times. She is stupid and careless and has a hard outer shell. This is a fun book though. There is angst, the ending was a bit rushed for my liking, but it is a good read, you should try it. Full Measures is a surprisingly emotional read. I was balling my eyes out for half the book. Embarrassing when you consider I was sat on the bus for part of that. It has depth to it though, it’s more than a couple falling in love, it is about family. I always like a book that has more than the obvious going on. Finally, I recommend Sweet Thing. This book is definitely one of the more adult books on this list as it looks at growing up and living in the real world. Having a job and figuring out where you’re going in life. This is a good book of the new adult genre though, because rather than just being angst and sex it has a more realistic approach to life, people screw up and do stupid things, and you see that in this book and I love it for it. Yes, it’s angsty, I’m sorry. It’s also funny and deep and really rather great.

That’s my list. There are plenty of other great new adult books that I could recommend, but I think these are my favourites. What are your thoughts on new adult books? Are there any books you think should be included as good recommended reads for the uninitiated into this genre?
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