Sometimes It Feels Like One Thing After Another

09 August 2014

Sunday Summary

This week has been one of those weeks, I think. I mean, it has been fun. I went to the zoo yesterday and saw the animals. I mean, our local zoo is not amazing, but it was fun, even experienced some cable cars and felt slightly terrified as I am slightly uncomfortable with heights. We saw tigers and the most adorable meerkats.


The problem is the zoo has been the highlight of my week. It started with me making a mistake at work. Not life threatening – not even a bad mistake, but a mistake all the same. I wasn’t reprimanded for it or anything, but these things can get you down. Other stuff happened at work to aggravate me as well, little thimgs of no real consequence but they can often be worse than the big things.


We also had drama at home, which hasn’t helped. Our toiler broke the other night. It was traumatic as we had to use the internal things in the toilet to flush (sorry, I do not know the technical terms for it, but you know when you take the top off the toilet and you use the chain and such). That got fixed the next day but it was annoying to say the least. Then, yesterday, after I got back from the zoo out fish tank in the front hall began leaking. Water was everywhere. I don’t know when it began, but once we noticed it was like water was pouring out. We had to empty this huge tank of water. The fish were distressed. Our carpet was soaked. We didn’t have enough buckets to pump the water out into. The dog wanted in on the action and was continually in the way. It was awful


Essentially I feel like it has been one of those weeks where everything has just piled on a bit. Sorry to complain at you all there, but I needed to get it off of my chest. It’s all bit personal there isn’t it? I feel a bit like I just wrote in my diary or something (no, I don’t keep a diary, I’m rubbish at it). Let’s get on to books, that’s what we’re here for.



I’ve returned to the books of Maria V Snyder. After the disappointment of The Source it was necessary. I’ve been keeping a more leisurely reading pace. An achievement for me and my book devouring ways. I’ve been enjoying them, though. I began the third Friday and I’m not quite finished yet, I think I’m scared to finish because then I’ll be stuck trying to find something else to read. Also, I love this series as much as I loved the Study series. It’s a sign I must go out and get all of Maria V Snyder’s books because she knows what I like in my books.



I’ve gotten back into watching films, and I’m going to try and get back into my TV watching ways, I watched The second Hobbit film for a third time when it came on to Netflix the other night. I watched with my family because I know my mom loved the book when she was younger and I’ve been meaning to get it on Blu-ray for her for so long it’s embarrassing really. I enjoyed that, even if I missed some bits playing around with the camera that has just been bought in the house. I also watched Chef the other night. I have been wanting to see it for ages and I finally got around to it midweek this week. It was amazing, I enjoyed every second of it. I got so excited when they got to the New Orleans bit you do not even know. I also learnt how beignet was meant to be pronounced because of that film (we don’t have them here, okay, and I didn’t do much French at school).


And that has been my week. Sorry to complain at you. I’ll cheer up next week, shall I? Also, please give me film and book recs for this week. I am always dying for recommendations for what to read and watch next.

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