03 August 2014

I Don’t Know What To Say

Sunday Summary
HI guys. It’s Sunday again and it is now August! Do you know what that means? Next month is September and I’ll be going on holiday! I am very excited, I have not been away properly (for something more than a long weekend) in about six years. That is so long I don’t know what to do with myself. I was meant to have stocked up on clothes and essentials by now, but that just has not happened, so I may be a little quieter whilst I try and get some shopping done, but maybe not.

I have to say, in my wrap up post for July I was amazed at the number of posts I had written, whilst none of them are literary masterpieces, the mere fact I remembered to post impresses me greatly. I am going to try and stay at a similar level of productivity this month (beginning with the emoji post I promised, which I am going to write tonight if at all possible, I have ideas now so we shall see). I am trying to do this because the ten days I’m away, and probably the days following my return will be hiatus time, so September will be a sad and lonely month, although I may try and schedule some posts. A couple of top ten Tuesdays to fill your time, and a discussion or two. I might even write something up on my tablet whilst I’m away, but I doubt it.
Anyway, enough about a holiday that is still a month away and back on to what I’ve been doing this week. That would be nothing. I have barely even read. I was in this weird slump after the binge I had on romance and New Adult books. I feel into this ‘I cannot take another romance’ slump. I decided to reread The Line and move onto The Source since that has been on my to read list for awhile. Turns out that was a terrible idea as The Source made me so angry there are hardly words. I will be posting about that next week. I’ve a post all ready and everything.

After being left sorely disappointed by The Source I knew I had to find a book to soothe me, so I turned to Maria V Snyder and her Glass series. I began reading Storm Glass Friday and I am reading it slowly, pacing myself. Also, my weekend has been focused on reading Sterek fanfiction, because that is the kind of person I am.

I’ve also been doing the whole film and TV watching thing again, I mean guys, it’s the Commonwealth Games and gymnastics has been on TV. Sure, it is mostly on whilst I’m at work, but did you guys see England dominate in the women’s all arounds? It was awesome. As such, I was inspired to watch Stick It again, because I like that film and I <3 Missy Peregrym. We then got a Virgin TiVo box reinstalled, so we have these extra TV channels to watch, so I’ve been taking advantage of that and the ability to record TV, because as much as I love my fancy smart TV it is nice to be able to record stuff and watch it later.

That has essentially been my week. I am also currently contemplating a blog redesign. It won’t come for a while I don’t think, but I may try something a little different, but we shall see. I’ll let you know.

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