Sunday Summary 23.03.2014

23 March 2014

Sunday Summary
Hi all, so this week I have been a terrible blogger. For shame. I did not stick to my schedule, and I didn't finish up writing some of these posts until the day of posting. I'm trying to get ahead in my posts so I can pull back a bit and write more posts, but I feel like I don't have the time. That is mostly because I have a renewed love for The Sims 2. I know, I'm old school, The Sims 4 is coming out this year, and I've not even progressed to The Sims 3. As us ts2 loyalists say, they have pudding faces, they aren't pretty, I do like the customisation of that game though, but The Sims 2 Graphics, way more cool. That's all my geekiness out of the way.

What I've Been Reading

What have I read this week. Not much I'm afraid, oops? I've been busy. Or I've been lazy. I suppose it depends on how you want to view it.

The Diviners - Libby Bray

I admit, I've had this one on my currently reading thing on Goodreads for a good few weeks. It was one of those books I just couldn't get into. The '20s speak did not gel with me. I did not like Evie. It was hard. I know you don't need to like the main character, but it helps. Anyway, I finished the Graceling series and I was in a rut. The Rosie Project helped, but I didn't know what I fancied reading, so I carried on reading this during my commute. I don't know what happened, but something clicked, suddenly I got it. This book was good, it kept true to the era and the characters were pretty unique.

This one was an impulse buy for my Kindle. This and the second book in the series Fractured, were on offer at 99p. Who can say no to a 99p book? Not me. It seemed like the kind of book that would be an easy read, and it was. I finished it in a couple of days, and now I'm reading the second. It's not an amazing series by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not bad. Not every book I read is going to be a 5-star rave worthy book. This is one of those that isn't amazing, it was nice; an apt adjective for it's nondescription of whatever you're describing. I liked this book enough to commit to reading the entire series, but not so much that I think all and sundry should read it.

What I've Been Watching

I've had a slow week in tv land. I've been watching a couple of new shows and neglecting my current ones.

I've been watching Treme, which I bought last weekend from Amazon. I'd seen a couple of episodes before and liked it, it's set in New Orleans after all. As it's HBO, I just could not find it anywhere online so I had to buy it. I've been enjoying the occasional episode I've been catching.

I've also been watching Believe, a new show which has started on NBC. It's an interesting all about a girl that has special powers who people want to control, or something. I have no idea, but I've been enjoying it. It's an interesting premise, I'm waiting to see if it has the power to become something awesome.

No youtube videos this week. I've watched some trailers for films based on books, such as The Giver and Maze Runner. Isn't it strange how I had no interest in these books until I saw the trailers? I had the same thing with The Hunger Games, so I'll get on it and get reading them... soon. I'll give no specific date, because I'll only disappoint.

What I've Bought

So this is a bit different. I don't tend to buy loads, but sometimes I get excited by things and want to tell everyone. I've already shown everyone in the real world, so why not rave to internet world as well? (Also, I know you're all real people, all 5 of you, but you're not physically her so you're internet people.)

The necklace was a gift, but it's still new, so it counts. It's stunning isn't it? I was so excited when it came in the post, there are not words. And the books were an impulse buy at Asda. The books are so cheap there! I couldn't say no. I've already read Fangirl, it was the book which introduced me to the work of Rainbow Rowell, but I have it on kindle, which is not the same. And Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy has been on my wishlist for a while, and so when I saw it for £3.50 I snapped it up whilst I ad the chance.

Well that's all from me this week. I'll get better at posting, I promise.
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