Monthly Wrap Up // While I’ve Been Gone (February, March & April)

30 April 2018

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I’ve been absent for the past couple of weeks and it turns out my last monthly wrap up was January! That was the start of the year! It’s cool, though. Now you get the three month bumper edition of my reading/blogging/life update.

You’re excited, I know.

In Real Life

So it’s been a bit crazy in real life… which is obviously why I’ve been gone a while. If you’ve checked out any of the Sunday posts I did manage to get up you will have seen I’ve had things going on.

We are finally finished clearing out my nan’s! The house sale went through last week and I was amazed we managed to clear out everything in the time we did. It was a very full house and it was empty by the time we were finished with it (I think. I shed a few tears when it hit I wasn’t going to get to go back in the house. It was a place where I grew up and there were a lot of happy memories in that house. It would have hurt too much to keep it, though. I’m glad it was going to become a family home again.

There’s also been drama at work I’m not even going to attempt to get into as it will just piss me off. Safe to say I am not happy with my job and something needs to change on that front. I;ll let you know when I’ve figured out where on earth I’m going with that one. Is it so much to ask to have a job which I can do and when the days over I can leave it at work and just enjoy my time off. I do not live for my job right now, my job fuels my reading habit and makes it so I don’t starve to death. I kind of with I could love my job but it’s just one of them.

And that is most of the day to day. Other stuff happened but let’s not get into that, shall we?

Can’t Stop Listening

Clearly // Grace VanderWaal
Paradise // George Ezra
Make Me Feel // Janelle Monae

February/March/April Reads

5 Stars
12. The Wedding DateMaking UpHunting GroundChaotic Good Comps14.inddThe Epic Crush of Genie LoThis Adventure EndsWords in Deep Blue
4.5 Stars
From Lukov With LoveShadowsong6653693Bone CrossedA Princess in TheoryThe Love CouponTo Kill a KingdomThe Ones Who Got Away
4 Stars
53936371926028249Silver vBorneVirgin Territory8435270Slouch WitchPrint
3.5 Stars
14. Love To Hate You24379727Star WitchSpirit WitchA Winter's Tale
2.5 Stars
While the Duke was Sleeping
Shatter Me

February/March/April Posts

No link ups again this time around, I’ve so many bookmarks lately and I don’t know when they’re all from. Hopefully we’ll be back sharing the blogger love next month.

And we’ve given up with the goals and challenges. I barely have had chance to think and I’ve lost the blogging/reading mojo of late so I’m prioritising.

What have you been up to in the past three months? Read any good books? Got any tips to get me back into the swing of things?
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