Sunday Summary // 13.05.2018

13 May 2018

Sunday Summary
Hi all. You might have noticed my frazzled state this week. This week was the week I vowed to get back into blogging and I became determined to kick my slumps butt. I didn’t totally succeed but I am getting back into the rhythm of blogging. I just need to remember how on earth I got organised in the first place because I am most definitely not keeping track of things at the moment.

I won’t bother trying to fill you all in on my life since my last proper Sunday post because I would be talking for hours. I have spent a lot of time with friends and making plans. A couple of my friends have had big life changes recently and it’s meant I’ve been seeing them a bit more. It’s been great, though, I think I hadn’t realised how little I’d seen them until I was making all these plans with them and that is totally awesome.

Like I said, this was the week of getting organised. Or, more the weekend of getting organised. I was determined this would be the weekend where I get my head on straight and sort out those little things I’ve been putting off. I have been suffering along with flat pillows and kept saying I was going to get new ones since I keep waking up with an achy back and shoulders but I finally bought new ones. Not tested them out yet but they definitely feel like I’ll sink into them. I also vowed to finally sort out the things I gained from my nan’s house. I had old books and random board games and just random stuff which I gained from her home which hadn’t found a place in my own home yet so I finally sorted those out. And I hung the pictures which I have been sat on my floor for far too long. I think I might have managed to get vaguely organised. I plan to get organised with blogging and blog related things over Sunday and next week. I want to have a mental plan for when and what I’m doing like I used to so fingers crossed for me guys.

I’ve hinted at work stuff before and there is still work stuff going on. I won’t talk about the bad, my friends and co-workers get enough of that from me so I won’t talk your ears off too, but my options are being considered. I am finding there are a few folks at work who are becoming good friends, though. We had an office party a few weeks back now and we all had a great time before heading out to a club after. There are was the usual drama from folks going out drinking but it was a great laugh and I got to know a couple of people way better for it. Who knew they were so fun? I am actually making plans to go to Birmingham Pride with a couple of folks from work this year. I’ve never been before but I’ve been told it’s a great day, they have food and drink on and there are various artists there. I think it’ll be different, at least, and I am all about doing different things.

What I’ve Been Reading

Shelter in PlaceAftermathChasing TruthHiding Lies
I’m not gonna do all the books since my last Sunday Summary post, you can see what I’ve read lately in my wrap up post. I have been in quite a slump so this is two weeks worth of books. I just don’t know what I want to read at the moment. Shelter in Place was a decent read, it had its problems but I did enjoy it. Aftermath was also a decent read and Kelley Armstrong always writes books which I enjoy but it also wasn’t love. I got Chasing Truth for free and I am so glad I did because that book was really fun. Definite love with that one, once I got used to the writing style, anyway. I immediately bought Hiding Lies when I finished and although that one hasn’t hooked me that’s more because I got sucked into fanfiction for a while and that’s all I wanted to read. Hopefully, I’ll finish that soon.

New To Me

Stillhouse LakeKillman CreekLucy in the SkySecret StarWrittin in RedThe Accidental HoneymoonBayou BornThe Ones Who Got AwayBayou MoonI Knew You Were TroubleBrooklynaireA Duke in Shining ArmourThe Prince Who Loved Me
So this is a months worth of new books and I admit it does demonstrate how much of a problem I have. In my defence, most of these were bought with a gift card. Actually, I think all but 5 of them were. Does that make it better? Probably not, oh well.
Grey SisterFrom Twinkle With LoveBarbed Wire HeartMelt for YouNowhere Else But HereOne Night WifeFrom Duke Till DawnHot AssetSpinning SilverAce of ShadesFinal Draft
And these are all the ARCs since last time I checked in. Maybe you can appreciate why I’m so frazzled when you see all these glorious books to read and me stuck in a reading slump. I am so excited for so many of them. maybe I’ll become a recluse for a while and catch up.
The NightingaleThe White Queen
And finally, I won a competition a little while back by Rachel over at Confessions of a Book Geek. One of my friends has been on at me to read The White Queen for a while and The Nightingale has been on my radar for a while so I am so very excited to start both of them.

And that is my bookish update. What have you been reading lately? Have I missed anything important while I’ve been gone?
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