A Year in Review // 2018

31 December 2018

A Year In Review
I think it is well established that 2018 was the year of the slump. From reading slumps to blogging slumps and everything in between. So much like the Oxford English Dictionary has a word of the year, I am having a word of the year for blogging.

Slumping is horrible and I have definitely noticed it seems to be catching. Maybe it’s growing older (I’m 27, I’m not old! Don’t even try and claim it. I will fight you) or maybe it’s that my reading habits have changed. no longer do I stay up all hours getting that really good book in. Or maybe I have found those ‘omg don’t make me put it down’ books recently so I am reading differently. I don’t know what it is but the slump has ruled 2018 and I for one am glad to see the back of this year. I know 2017 ended on a way worse note for me personally but I really feel like 2018 kicked my ass and maybe it suffered in the aftermath of 2017. And don’t even get me started on what’s happened in the real world. Honestly, Brexit can suck it, I think politically the world is going to hell in a handbasket. I’d be concerned but honestly, I’ve lost all energy for it.

But now I’ve sat here all doom and gloom about it why don’t we look back on the good stuff of this year? Because 2018 has had plenty of good points. Honestly, when I’ve been slumping like mad I’ve not been sat at home miserable. I’ve been out having some fun stuff so it’s always good to remember this. I’m going to try and spend a few posts recapping it (whilst wishing I did a better job of using my bullet journal because it would have made this whole process so much easier) and let’s hope 2019 has a better theme to it.

Let's begin with a playlist for you guys. My 2018 music has been all over the place and the songs aren’t all new songs.

Non-Bookish Highlights

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This year was not all bad. I did plenty of fun things throughout the year (in between more rubbish things that life throws at you).

As you can see from the photo mix there were plenty of fun things going on. From an insane holiday to New York City (I want to go back so much) to finally going on the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I did things which are out of my comfort zone (I’m looking at you Monster bouncy castle obstacle course). I did something different had fun and honestly am so glad that 2018 wasn’t all bad. It’s always good to remember those little moments and this year had plenty of them. I laughed and I cried and this year kicked my ass with emotions (almost as bad as 2017 did) but it was a good year and there were a lot of laughs. Here’s hoping the same is true of 2019.

Film Highlights

There is quite a mix of films here and I feel like I’ve forgotten a few but these are the films I’ve been loving this year. I think 2018 was definitely the year where Hollywood got YA book films right. Fingers crossed the trend carries on and maybe a few romance books will get an equally good adaptation because romance in all it’s forms is what I need in my life.

TV Highlights

I’ve not been watching as much TV lately.. or I have but it’s been a case of me rewatching old favourites like Hart of Dixie and Bones. I do think these were the shows I most enjoyed though. Good Girls was so much fun watching this group of friends attempt a life of crime (and it was far more successful than if my friends and I attempted the same thing). The Haunting of Hill House had me on the edge of my seat the entire time because it was so addictive and way more emotional than you’d expect from a horror show. Happy was seriously trippy but hilarious. Like, it is mental. I don’t know if I can even really describe it but I loved this little 8 episode treasure. And finally, Jack Ryan. I mean, I watched for John Krasinski but I stayed because I was interested in the storyline. I am glad it’s been renewed because sometimes you just need a good action/thriller type show.

Gaming Highlights

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy gaming. I am terrible at most games and my short attention span means I have so many unfinished games lurking about but I don’t even care. I still enjoy playing them, though. The games which made my year are Detroit Become Human (because I love games where you can influence the ending). I finally moved on from Sims 2 and began playing Sims 4 and may now own all the expansions (because I can’t resist!) but I am loving it. From fame-hungry characters to my alien character which is trying to stealth his spawn into the human population. It’s awesome. Stardew Valley is a game I’d heard of long ago and never bought but then it came out on PS4 and I kind of convinced myself I needed it. I am now so invested in my little farm! From treasure hunting to raising animals. It’s amazing and weirdly addictive. And finally, there is the Spyro remake. They updated the graphics from the ground up and I am loving playing these games which I remember from my youth. Don't think of new games, remake old classics. Now I just need the Final Fantasy VII remake to have a release date already.

Bookish Highlights

As any reader will know, it’s hard to choose just one favourite, especially when this year I have managed to read so many good books. Sure, I feel like I’ve DNF-ed more than ever, but the books I have read and finished definitely felt like it included more of the good stuff. I suppose I finally embraced the concept of quality of quantity (although I would always be happy to read more, I’ve simply not been in that mindset lately).

The Duchess DealThe Governess Game12. The Wedding DateMaking UpChaotic Good Comps14.inddThe Epic Crush of Genie LoThis Adventure EndsWords in Deep BlueFrom Lukov With Love74. A Duke By DefaultA Princess in TheoryThe Love CouponTo Kill a KingdomThe Ones Who Got Away72. The One You Can't ForgetOne Night WifeFool Me Forever2974892549. RadianceThe Kiss QuotientSummer SkinJane DoeThe Earl I RuinedRoomies
As you can see, I’ve read a whole heap of romance this year and I’m totally cool with that. but I do have some other genres are thrown in, a couple of YA books and some fantasy. I’m hoping I can keep this mix of reading up and maybe even get rid of a few books on my shelves which are gathering dust because I’ve found some of my favourite books have been those I’ve owned for far too long without reading.

I’m not totally sure I’ve not forgotten something but if I have it’s too late now. This was my 2018 and I am pretty damn happy with it. What have some of your favourites this year been?
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