18 September 2014

I’m Back Now and I’ve got T Shirts For Everybody


Hi guys. Sorry I disappeared without a word there, I intended to have a hiatus post go up when I went away, but I forgot to actually post it (it’s sat in my drafts folder on my laptop, so that was a bit of  waste of effort) so sorry about that. I’ve been on holiday, New Orleans was lovely, thank you for asking. But I’m back now and I’ve got t-shirt for everybody (if anyone gets that reference gold star to you and we will totally be bffls)… or new posts for you to enjoy. At least I have ideas for new posts, I’ve not actually written them yet, but I will. I promise, this is not one of my empty blogging promises.


I wasn’t sure whether or not I should post this or wait until I actually had a real post for you guys, but I feel like it has been so long since I did anything on my blog that a quick little hi I’m still alive was in order. I was going to ramble all about my holiday to you, but I haven’t uploaded all my pictures onto my laptop yet so that’s a bust. If anyone is interested I can do a little holiday recap for you, of what I can remember anyway.


I read some on holiday, not as much as I do when I’m working, but a few books were read. I reread Losing It and Faking It because I own the third book in the series, Finding It, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it despite the rereadathon. I also read Where She Went. I was really wary of reading it after I liked If I Stay, I didn’t have the raving love reaction, but it’s a book which sticks with you after reading and it’s hard to read a follow up of a book like that because it could go either way, it could ruin the first book for you or it could be really good. I’ve got a review brewing on that one I think, but all I can say is I am so glad I waited to read that book, waited until If I Stay wasn’t fresh because I could experience it as almost a completely independent book. I adored it, I fell in love with Adam again and it was nice to come back to characters I already knew but with them moved on in life. It’s like seeing old friends and catching up. But I’ll stop before I ruin a possible review by writing everything I have to say here.


So… guys I’m back and I’m going to try and be a bit productive since I’ve had my little break from blogging, so surely I should be all rejuvenated, right? Anyway, we shall see how it goes. I’ve just had myself twelve hours of sleep after flying all Tuesday night and functioning yesterday with no sleep so I should be fresh as a daisy.

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