Sunday Summary: 07.12.2014

07 December 2014

Sunday Summary
>Oh my God, it’s December! How did that happen? So I’ve been a busy little bee at work and at home. I’ve been finishing up my Christmas shopping, dashing about at work to get everything done before the holidays . I’ve been attempting to be social, seeing friends, doing things. It’s been hectic to say the lease, and it’s only been the first week of December. As such, my poor little blog has been neglected. Those posts I had all ready, written in advance and everything? Yeah, I didn’t schedule them to post and I’ve been too busy not being near my laptop during the week to get around to scheduling them. I need to sort my life out. Although, if things are like this now, until I break up for a weeks holiday and Christmas Eve there is every chance I will slowly disappear from my blog because I can’t see me finding any more time, if anything I’ll have less, but we shall see my blogging chums.


Anyway, I’ve been reading lots this week (I know, how have I read so much yet been so busy? I’ll tell you how, I’ve been going to bed late, getting up early and taking full advantage of reading opportunities on my commute. I think it helps that almost every night this week I’ve been sat at the bus station for a good half an hour waiting for a bus to turn up. I get there’s Christmas traffic but things be getting cray-cray.


As I said, my reading had been increasing again, although the two books I started last weekend are unfinished. I’m taking My True Love Gave To Me at a steady pace as it’s short stories, I want to still have stories to read at Christmas. And my Joss Whedon reading is slow because I’m savouring it, and non-fiction is difficult to read on a lunchbreak.



Now I’m not one to request ARCs or anything on the various places online, but I do like to browse Netgalley and Edelweiss to see which books I should be getting excited for, so when I saw I was Here by Gayle Forman available for request I figured, why not? I’m that kind of person, so when I saw the response in my inbox Friday night I assumed they’d said no as all bug books are refused when I request them. Imagine my shock that I was approved. I’ll be starting that today and will of course post a review for you once I’ve finished. Just on a side note, I don’t often request books because I simply don’t feel I’m good enough to review them, but when it is a book I’m excited for, I will always give it a chance.


I also have been book shopping, as always. I tend to buy and either read immediately, or don’t read at all. I’ve gone the not read at all route lately, I bought and read Roomies (no, not that one) and didn’t enjoy it, it was alright, but not phenomenal. And then the rest I’ve bought for one reason or another. The Magicians I bought after seeing SyFy are adapting it into a TV series and the premise intrigued me.

So how were your weeks this week? Can anyone believe it’s December already, where has the year gone? Anyone read some of the books on my bought list, if so let me know what you thought, it might motivate me to read? And if you want to hear my thoughts on the books I’ve read, all you have to do is ask.

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