Sunday Summary 21.12.2014

21 December 2014

Sunday Summary
I plan to be honest with you guys today, I am going to be working right up until Christmas Eve so I’m not going to have lots of freetime to be blog writing over Christmas. I’ve got a few days after Christmas, and I am obviously going to try and do some writing and posting. I’ve got a review to write on I was Here by Gayle Forman that I really want to give you guys, and a review for My True Love Gave To Me, even though it will be after Christmas that I’ll be reviewing, I don’t even care. The thing is, I’m going to be busy. I’m going to be seeing family and friends and I know I won’t have enough time to properly dedicate to you nice people that come strolling around here.

I figure it’s best to be honest with you all so you can have suitably low expectations for me for the nest week or two, so then when I do post you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I also want to say that I’m going to be more focused on the new year, getting myself ready for any reading challenges I want to do in the new year and getting myself organised basically, so I think there may be a marked absence. No Top Ten Tuesday from me, maybe now reviews, and probably no discussions. I’ll be back though, I promise.

Now, enough with the negativity and warnings about my absence, let’s get onto what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks. Well, on Wednesday I had my works Christmas party where we had a free bar, a talent show, some pretty shoddy food and a chance to get my groove on. I had a great time, which surprised me, I got to know the people I’ve been working with for the past year a little better and I got to have a laugh dancing like an idiot with people I spend too many hours with on a daily basis. It was a great time, and the fact I was so tired the next day at work was okay because of it.

I finished all of my Christmas shopping this week, I hope so anyway. I’m hoping everyone likes their presents, now I just have to wrap them, which I hate doing because I am truly shocking at it. We also finished all our work this week at work, so we’re left with the boring filling time work which we hate doing each month, so it will be a fun couple of days next week at work, but regardless we got our months work done in just over two weeks, that is impressive if I do say so myself.

Apart from that I’ve just been reading and playing Final Fantasy XIII, so nothing too thrilling.


As you can see, my new books I’ve even gone so far as to read some of them, a rarity in my normal book buying sprees. I’ve already got a review brewing for Since You’ve Been Gone. It may have taken me half a year to get around to reading this highly rated book, but I’m glad I did because with the hype dying down a bit I managed to go into the book with an open mind. I then preceded to buy Matson’s other two books upon finishing because it turns out I love her writing.

How has your week (or fortnight, I suppose) been? Have you read any of the books I’ve bought or read, and did you enjoy them? What are everyone’s plans for Christmas and do you have any advice on how to approach the New Year with my blog, I’m seeing so many reading challenges popping up lately and I know I need to be sensible about so any advise on organising myself would be appreciated.

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