Author Addiction: Sarah J Maas

02 March 2015

It is time for round two of Author Appreciation with Kaja and myself. Please go check out Kaja’s blog, I’m sure her post will be more coherent as I am writing my thoughts on little sleep and after consuming vast amounts of chocolate whilst being harassed by on over excited dog.

This month Kaja and I are enthusing over the wonderful author Sarah J Maas and how how much we love her writing. Really, if you have not already fallen in love with her and her books there is still time to be get reading, especially since she has a new book out in May, which I’ve read! It is awesome, you should have A Court of Thorns and Roses preordered and read it as soon as you can because it is crazy good.

When did you first discover this author?

I discovered Sarah J Maas because of book blogs, this was before I started mine. I think it was from when I first discovered book blogs, in fact. I was looking for a new fantasy read, I think. I know I was definitely browsing for something to read and people were talking about this book, so I checked it out on Amazon and the first book was less then a £1 on kindle, that is always a dead giveaway I’ll buy a book, cheap is always a must buy for me. Anyway, I must have been going through a slump, I distinctly remember feeling book restless and couldn’t decide what to read, thus going to book blogs for ideas, I started reading and I feel like I just read the book solid with no breaks and it was beautiful. The second book was due to come out not long after and I bought all the little prequel novellas to get me through until it’s release and then devoured Crown of Midnight when that was released and then I have yet to read the third book because I feel like, at this point, I may as well reread closer to the next books release so I can read them all back to back, but we will see how that goes.

What's your favourite book by them?

17167166I think it might have to be Crown of Midnight, because that’s when things really crack off in the Throne of Glass series (I mean, I haven’t read Heir of Fire… still, so I don’t really know if that one is even better). I almost said Assassins Blade, though, because it’s a collection of short stories that avoid some of the utter angst that happens in the Throne of Glass series is pretty fantastic, and back story is always good. But Crown of Midnight is fantastic because it reveals so much about the characters and the story truly starts to develop in that book, it’s where all the storylines really truly begin. Things only hinted at in the first book suddenly burst out and you finally realise Maas had such a good plan.

Which book by this author would you recommend to others out of all their books and why?

13519397I think I would have to say Throne of Glass, because you read that and think you’re getting a fun and easy fantasy novel that is not too difficult, and you do, but then you get so many hints to so much more that you find yourself committed and needing to read it all. And so you read the books and the little prequels and you commit yourself to this world, until you start raging because you were expecting a nice trilogy, because that is the YA thing, but it is in fact an actual series and you hate and love it in equal measure. Or that is how I felt.

I really would recommend Throne of Glass if you haven’t read any of Maas’s books, considering she has only done two series it is difficult to recommend anything else, but Throne of Glass is such an easy book to read, at least it was for me. I feel like A Court of Thorns and Roses was a more difficult read, it’s harder to connect with the characters, but if you like fantasy novels and fairytales, it is an excellent read.

And those are my thoughts on Sarah J Maas, a woman who is one of my favourite authors. I will forever be willing to read anything she writes because I know I’m guaranteed an exciting read with an original take on things. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and will read her books if you haven’t done so already. If you wish to join Kaja and I in our love for Maas please feel free to answer the questions and post a link in the comments because I would love to read about it.

Next month is a freebie week, whilst Kaja and I are very in sync with our author loving, without being the same person, we are not always going to share all the same authors to love, thus we allow ourselves a month to go wild and free with our own choices. Next month we shall be posting about any old author we fancy, so feel free to join in with your won favourite author as well.
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