Sunday Summary // 29.07.2018

29 July 2018

Sunday Summary
Oh wow, guys, how the devil are you? I know, it has been forever since I did one of these posts! I didn’t intend to stop giving you my weekly updates (because I love telling you guys these intimate life details, it’s sort of like free therapy) but I got all kinds of busy and fell a little out of love with blogging because I wasn’t reading and basically fell off the face of the earth. You know… the usual, right?

Anyway, what was happening the last time we spoke? I don’t even know so I'll give you the basic life update. I went to London with friends with Taylor Swift last month, that was a whole heap of fun. Taylor was amazing and even though I was a million miles away from her and could not see much I was totally into the whole night. I danced and sang along and remembered why I love Taylor Swift, she is just fun and my friends and I had a laugh.

Also, I have been suffering through the UK heatwave which is just about ending (I hope) so I’ve been lounging about in actual sunshine in the UK while dreaming about having a home with air conditioning. I even have a little bit of a tan going on, which is impressive for me because I am so pasty white I almost always only burn. I am impressed with my slightly darker shade of white I have going on currently. Although I am actually bored of basically living in shorts outside of work? Anyone else get fed up with having to wear the same thing because of the weather? Just me? That’s cool.

Erm, apart from that it’s been quite quiet. I’ve been going through a truly awful few weeks/months of reading but I think my slump has passed. I spent a long time just not fancying reading anything but slowly I’m back into enjoying reading, which is nice. I still find I don’t read anywhere near as much as I used to, which sucks. Isn’t it strange how your reading habits can change all the time? I actually don’t think I’ll read much over 100 books this year, which is unusual for me. I have spent my time where I’ve not been reading hanging out with friends and doing real-world things, though. I am enjoying getting out a bit more, I hope to spend more time seeing friends and having small adventures.

Blogging-wise, I have been out of it. I think I needed to blog less to get more excited about it again. I won’t be posting like crazy but I’ve genuinely missed talking about books. I have friends who read but I find it’s never the same as speaking with you guys. There just isn’t the same passion there. I do feel like I’ve missed all the new books coming out of late, though, so tell me all the new books you’re excited for.

What I’ve Been Reading

I have to say, it’s been so long since I last did one of these posts I couldn’t decide if I should recap all the books since my last post (like my monthly recap posts) or if I should instead just show the ones from recently.I mean, the last time I did a Sunday post was 27 books ago… that’s a lot of books. I think I’ll save the full recap for my monthly post next week. Below are what I’ve been reading for the past two weeks.
Spinning Silver69. Real Kind of LoveForbiddenWish_BOM.indd71. The Serpent72. The One You Can't Forget
Now I’m pretty damn pleased with my reading from the past couple of weeks because I’ve enjoyed every one of these books. Spinning Silver wasn’t exactly what I expected but it was good. See my review for that one for full details. I forgot I preordered Real Kind of Love but it provided me with exactly the romance I wanted in the form of a lovely fake relationship book. The Forbidden Wish has been sat on my shelf for forever! Or two years and I finally got to reading it and why did I wait on reading this standalone retelling? Definitely check it out. The Serpent I read for a blog tour and it’s the first book I’ve read in a day in such a long time. I loved it, it was exactly the kind of writing I’ve come to expect from Sarah Fine and although there were unanswered questions I’m hoping there’ll be good things to come in those books. And finally, there was The One You Can’t Forget. I actually didn’t expect to enjoy that as much as I did but it was utterly fantastic. I don’t think I knew I had a thing for men who could cook until I read that… I definitely have a thing for many who can cook in books.

New To Me

This was kind of difficult for me to put together… I’ve gotten so many books since last we spoke, you know? I think these are the most recent acquisitions, though.
Jade CityThe Loneliest Girl in the UniverseRunemarksSave the DateCirceThe Accidentals
There aren’t as many books as there might have been. The top four are physical copies of books I’ve bought lately and the bottom two are ebooks. I know I’ve missed a few (more than a few) but these are the books I remember buying and I cannot wait to get started on them all. I haven’t gotten any ARCs lately though and I’m pretty pleased with that. I have so many ARCs I need to get to.

What have you guys been doing since I’ve been gone? What have been your favourite books? And how has everyone been coping with what seems like a worldwide heat wave?
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