Sunday Summary // 02.09.2018

02 September 2018

Sunday Summary
Welcome to September!

This is gonna be one of my last posts for a little while because I go away next Friday and I fully want to embrace the holiday and not have my head on blogging. I will maybe do a couple of posts next week but I want to open with me going away. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, though, and I’m not gone yet. I’ll obviously give you a full update upon my return because you know I live for you guys.

This week has been a mixed bag. I thought things were going great. We had a bank holiday on Monday so only four days at work. I was on countdown to my holiday and the week at work hadn’t been awful. I’d had a good catch up with my friend Thursday after work, our last before we each go away, and even though someone (Nick) was telling me about books I couldn’t afford I was pretty happy with my slower reading week too. I have started writing a mini list of books I might buy while I’m on holiday, though, because sometimes you should treat yourself to books you wouldn’t buy in the UK just to the price, right? But then Friday I got a text from my best friend and she had had some bad news from both parents and she was feeling pretty down on herself and everything so I had to have a mad rush showering and get ready to go out to give her a distraction. I think I achieved it but still, it sucks because she’s going away and so am I and I just know this will play on her mind. I did my best, though, and sometimes that’s all you can do.

What I’ve Been Reading

To Sir With Phillip With LoveKultiThe Wall of Winnipeg and Me
Like I mentioned, it’s been a slower reading week this week. I’m still not certain what I want to be reading so I’m doing some rereading. I am only taking a Kindle away with me, no physical books (need the weight for the return journey… also I will be packing a lot of clothes for what will essentially be a 5-night trip… I have problems).

New To Me

A Curious BeginningOne in a Million
A couple of new books this week. A Curious Beginning is Danya’s fault… but also I had it on my radar for a good long while so I figured why not? It might be a holiday read for me. And One In A Million was 99p for Kindle and I’d eyed it up at the supermarket because I have liked previous Lindsey Kelk books so why not, right? Hopefully, I’ll enjoy both, I figure they’ll be great holiday reads when I’m on the plane.

What have you been up to this week? And am I the only one rereading to try and kick my butt into gear when it comes to reading?
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