Sunday Summary // 30.09.2018

30 September 2018

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday!

Sorry I skipped out on posting last Sunday, I got so busy playing blog catch up and trying to get posts in order that I never got around to actually writing my Sunday post last week so we’ll have to weeks to catch up on this week.

I can’t claim I did a lot of exciting things since getting back from NYC. I returned to work which is obviously the joy it sounds like. We actually had a fun day at work last Friday. It was a celebration of the company and they have a day where they do prizes from the directors and we’re meant to try and raise money for charity. The theme for this fun day was pirates so all of us folks in finance dressed like pirates and we had a raffle on. It was silly and fun and we had a laugh. One of my friends won free tickets to go see some rugby which was pretty cool (although he doesn’t like rugby) and it was a laugh. I have kept no photos of us dressed like pirates because I was too busy getting into a sword fight with some inflatable balloons (obviously).


I also did my inflatable obstacle course thing last weekend. It was called The Monster and let me tell you I thought it would be way easier than it actually was. I mean, most of it was easy and fun and only a little challenging but there were slopes that did not have foot holds and it was all about bouncing and pulling yourself up… I was not good at those. I finished and me and my friend had a laugh doing it. We got our glitter face paint on and had a laugh and I learnt I was not the most unfit person there but that honestly, some people are ninjas in disguise. I then curled up and felt a couple of aches in my arms the next day because I do not lift anything heavier than my cat.

And since then? Well I’ve been to the pub, to work and have plans to go to the cinema Saturday which should be fun. It’s been a chilled week since then. I had a bit of online retail therapy and relaxed really because I’ve slept funny or something and my necks been stiff for the past couple of days. Maybe my time on an inflatable obstacle course did more damage than I thought? All I know is that anything n my right side is off limits, who wants to turn their head that way anyway?

What I’ve Been Reading

Glory in DeathFool Me ForeverSmooth Talking CowboyFirst Earl I See TonightFrom Duke Till Dawn
I fell into a bit of a lull again. Not a slump but I’m just forever struggling to pinpoint what I want to read. And sometimes I think I know what I want to read and end up being completely wrong. These are the times which folks turn to Netflix I think. I had to read Glory in Death as it was due back at the library (and I still returned it a day late). I think I’ll enjoy my slow read through this series, I might be 80 by the time I catch up, though. I then began all the ARCs and I think my brain doesn’t like me forcing it to read ARCs as I definitely need a break from them now. Fool me Forever was an excellent read from Ainslie Paton (no surprise there, though). I impulsively requesting Smooth Talking Cowboy for the fake relationship and there was not enough fake relationship for my liking. And then First Earl I See Tonight was ok but there was something which didn’t click into place for me and I’m thinking it was me not it but I’ll figure out how to review it somehow. And then there’s From Duke Till Dawn which I had to DNF because I wasn't liking any character and the Duke seemed like a gullible idiot.

New To Me

Lethal WhiteMake Me FallVengefulPhoenix Unbound
I haven’t bought that many books… but I did get a preorder or two in. In fact, these are all books from my Looking Forward post, now I just need to start on reading them all!

And that is my past couple of weeks . What have you been doing? Do you ever find you’re not sure what to read next? Any shows I should binge watch on Netflix until I do know what I want to read?
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