Love Lettering // The Best First Book Of The Year

23 January 2020

Published: 31st December 2019
Source: Netgalley/Purchased
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
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The thing is, the letters don't always tell me truths about myself. Sometimes they tell me truths about other people. And Reid Sutherland is - was - one of those people.

In the last year, Meg Mackworth's beautiful hand-lettering skills have seen her rocket to social media fame, and now she has a booming business crafting stationery for the stars. But she has a secret: sometimes, she just can't resist hiding messages in her work. Slightly unprofessional, maybe - but harmless. Right?

Analyst Reid Sutherland and his gorgeous fiancée had their future mapped out. Until he noticed a pattern in his wedding invitation that made him think twice.

When Meg looks up from her desk one day and sees Reid standing in front of her with no wedding ring, holding the invitation she created, she thinks that her career is over.

But her life may be about to begin . . .

Escape into a beautiful world of craft and romance that will grab hold of your heart and never let go.
Welcome to my first review of the year and it’s reviewing the first book I read this year. In fact, the first book I read in about a month. And it was a good one.

This was my longest read in a while. Not in terms of length but just the amount of time I spent reading it. A major slump hit, while I was reading yet it in no way, impacted my enjoyment of this book which is an actual rarity. Usually, the longer I spend reading the book the more chance of me getting bored (I know, for shame). Although I can't call it unputdownable, I could tell if my slump hadn't hit I would have flown through reading. I think I might have preferred reading it at a slower pace. I so rarely spend my time reading books slowly so I felt like I was savouring the story by experiencing it in smaller chunks. I felt like my connection to Meg was stronger for spending longer with her. And Reid? I felt like I was over analysing things as if he was a man I liked. I spent so much more time thinking about where their romance would go next it was sort of like the anticipation for the next date. When can I get my next dose of Meg and Reid cuteness?

This book really made me want to sit down with my bullet journal and just get creative. The book just felt inspiring and I feel like it was the way it was written. I was in Meg's head and her creative thinking was catching. I wanted to write and draw and plan! I love a book inspiring you along with an awesome story. And it made me want to go out walking. To look at signs and see the lettering around me. It also made me want to drop a whole bunch of money on a flight to NYC (again). So, you know, inspirational. This book was inspiring and I just wish that level of inspiration had stayed with me for longer than a couple of weeks. I do still keep trying to walk about and noticing the things around me, though. So I guess this book changed me? We’ll see how long that lasts, though.

I did love how although Meg was quiet and averse to confrontation she did totally call out Reid when he cracked on with the potential mansplaining. And then later on you learn his ways aren't rude that's just his awkwardness coming through. It was so lovely seeing them both grow and come out of their shells and the twists and turns in each of their stories was wonderful to see. They were just these adorable awkward couple who had so much going on and it was nice to see a couple slowly coming out of their shell and once you realise they’re both crushing on each other and that’s why there’s something weird going on because they’re holding back from letting all of their feelings coming out. And then you later learn there’s more going on with Reid and that’s why he’s been reserved and almost shady.

I won’t lie. I did wonder when I started if I was gonna be reading a romance with no chemistry. Thankfully they had that spark but it was slow to come out. It was subtle. At first, they were skirting one another and they slowly had this small connection. Then, like I said, it all came out and once they’d admitted their feelings I was loving the romance.  I think that’s where my reading picked up when they admitted their feelings and I was loving them together even though there were obstacles to their relationship.

Ugh, I’ve probably epically failed with this one reviewing. I don’t want to give any spoilers away on the story because I honestly loved being surprised and going into this one pretty blind. It was such a charming, creative read and I don’t know if it was the characters giving me that vibe or the writing, but whatever it was it worked for me. I am so glad I began my reading year on a high and definitely recommend.

Have you read this, what did you think? And what was your first read of the year?
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