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21 January 2020

I feel like I have done so many ‘I’m back from hiatus’ posts lately. Oh well, I won’t apologise for it. Life fully got busy and sadly, the blog was the thing that had to be pushed to one side while I focused on other stuff. It’s cool, I’m back now and hoping to post one or two times a week,

How is it the middle of January already? I actually did intend to come back to blogging the beginning of this year… or actually, the end of last year and then the beginning of this year and now here we are. Like two weeks into the month and I’m here and ready yo chat to you guys So let’s catch up! Why have I been gone? What have I been doing?

I bought a house!

I know I spoke about my house shopping journey and then began to get a bit quiet about it but that’s because it was both so stressful, but I was constantly scared that something would go wrong and my purchase would fall through. I had problems with the survey revealing a possible wall removal and I was chasing building regulation certificates. Then I was constantly worried I should be doing something while I was waiting for my solicitor to get answers. I’d originally hoped to have the house before Christmas and then I fully expected for it to drag out and for me to not have it until January and then last minute the week before Christmas my solicitor was saying to me that he could try and push it through before Christmas and I had a mad panic of getting the money across and trying to sort time off from work to collect the keys and then I had a house the day before my work Christmas party!

It was mental.

It’s safe to say that it was a stressful few days and blogging and reading was not the first thing on my mind. And the house pretty much has taken over my life and will be taking over my life for weeks I do not doubt. This does mean I’ve only read two books so far this year (I’ve started a third, though) and I’ve not blogged in so long I’m a little scared that I’ve forgotten how. 

Anyway, enough with this moving business, I swear buying a house has made me boring. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and I was saying how all I seem to talk about are house-related things. I’ll get excited about the latest house purchase and talk about it constantly. Luckily for me, she’s having a baby so she’s talking constantly about her baby purchases so at least we’ve both becoming boring together.

Let’s not talk about houses, though! The other reason for my absence is because I got sick over Christmas.

I had the absolute worst cold, I haven’t felt that awful in ages. I woke up Christmas day with no voice and I’d managed to drag myself downstairs to myself a Lemsip and I had to sit down twice because I had gone all dizzy. It was not a fun time for me. The Lemsip and ibuprofen managed to kick in for me but having a cold when you want to be opening presents and enjoying yourself is not fun. I got through the day and did have fun with my family, though. I just wish I had felt better. And the cold also meant my house progress was slow. I went shopping with friends not long after Christmas when I thought I was feeling better and honestly, worst decision. It totally drained me.

So that’s where I’ve been. House shopping and feeling sick. I’m back at work now and still struggling through trying to get into a good routine but I have exciting appliance and furniture deliveries in my future. I’ve watched so many moving vlog videos during this whole process. In fact, one of my favourite YouTubers has bought a house around the same time as me and it’s so nice seeing someone else struggling through this first house moving drama. I feel a little less alone doing it, but I still haven’t braved beginning the process of redecorating, the other YouTubers I’ve been watching may motivate me with their fun DIY videos and that. I’m mostly spending my days crying that I’m poor and dreading trying to catch up on all those missed posts.

What have you been doing while I’m away? I don’t have enough hours in the day to catch up on every single missed blog post so please link me to your latest posts and I promise to stop on by.

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