Sunday Summary // 08.12.2019

08 December 2019

This week has been all over the place. Absolutely no blogging has been done and I do feel a little bit bad but I've been feeling insanely lazy. I think I’m going to keep blogging in December very low-key after my month started with my barely looking at other blogs and not having much time to write anything for mine. I know we’re all busy so I think the smartest idea is to keep it to looking back at the year and making plans for next year instead. So expect a couple of reviews, a discussion, and a whole heap of favourites posts. I think I want to mostly keep it to wrap-ups/favourites/plans for next year.

What was keeping me busy this week, then? I went back to work after a lovely, relaxing week off and... it wasn't that bad. I mean, it started well, anyway. I had a really good first day back and felt really positive about work and was pretty happy to be back. Sadly, it didn't last into the rest of the week with higher-ups making stupid comments which only made my whole team question why they even bother coming into work. That feeling carried through to the rest of the week and then with various small dramas that happened I was mentally exhausted by Friday. I won't go into the small dramas. I told my mom about some of them and honestly felt like I was back in school. That's how ridiculous some of the things were. I was ready for the weekend and so far have been lazy, I do need to head to the shops today, though. We’re doing a work secret santa and I realise I have nothing to wrap the presents in unless I can find a gift bag.

I#m trying to think what else has happened this week and really all it was was work, Christmas shopping with a friend, and then train woes. I feel the need to start calling my rail company on their bullshit as I’m a little fed up of leaving work to another cancelled train. Where I work if a train gets cancelled it’s a full half-hour wait in the cold from when the last train was due. The train isn’t due until 15 mins after I finish work. That’s 45 mins of waiting in the cold. My alternative to waiting in the cold is to get the train going in the opposite direction and getting a train from the next station because more trains stop there. I should have to travel away from where I want to go to get home! I certainly shouldn’t have to have my train cancelled two days in a row due to a shortage of train crew and then on the third day have it running (after other trains were cancelled due to shortage of train crew) only to find they’re sending out a train with fewer carriages than usual. It infuriates me that they say they didn’t know about the shortage of crew when they made plans for the carriage set up yet when they proposed their timetable months ago they would have said how many carriages they planned to put on, they haven’t suddenly got fewer carriages, they do seem to have less staff than they need to run to their proposed timetable, though. Just, my train rants are long and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The last company who had the franchise in my area had it taken it off of them due to poor performance but this current company is actually worse. I’ve never had so many train problems.

What I've Been Reading

I finished two whole books! Yes, people, I was at work and managed to read two whole books with no DNFs. This is practically unheard of, for me. First off, I read Mia Vincy’s latest and... it was slow going, but I warmed up to it by 25%. I worried I was going to have to DNF but thankfully I grew to love the MCs and was enjoying it by the end. And then I read Pride. This Pride and Prejudice retelling has been on my to-buy list forever. I had a whole drama with getting this book I won’t go into but as soon as I received it I knew I needed to read that next. It was definitely an enjoyable read and stuck to the original story in some ways but kept things exciting and had its own original take on some stuff. I won’t go in-depth but hope to review soon. I did then try to read another book last night but I just couldn’t get into that so I’m now on the search for my next book.

New To Me

I haven’t bought too many books. I got Pride (which was part of a book drama as a I said above) I was meant to have had this weeks ago, possibly even months ago, and so it was a total surprise receiving that in the post. And I did a book swap for Reign of the Fallen and I admit, I hadn’t heard much about it but I couldn’t help but want to read it. Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed.

What have you been reading this week? And am I alone in wanting a low key December all about looking back at the year and getting ready for next year?
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