Sunday Summary // 01.12.2019

01 December 2019

How is it December? Ugh, it’s crazy how quickly the time has flown by. I am honestly shocked. I feel like we should still be in September or something, but what can you do?

It’s been another boring week. I had the week off of work and honestly, I’ve done very little. I did some Christmas shopping, I sold/swapped a few books and I did a bit of tidying and organising. But really, my week was spent watching way too many Youtube videos and playing a whole bunch of Sims 4 because turns out I love the University pack and I can’t wait to explore the Realm of Magic pack. Yes, I spent way too much money on these games but I don’t care, they’re bringing me joy controlling these little Sims.

I intended to spend my week off being super productive, and I kind of have. Some of you may have seen me post some books I needed to get rid of on Twitter, well I also posted them on Depop and managed to sell a few. I’ve still got more to list but honestly, it’s finding the time to take photos and that. I had a whole drama when it came to posting books out, though. All I can say is Hermes is the worst. I already knew Hermes were the worst because if you live in the UK and ever had a parcel delivered by them you know that parcel can end up anywhere. I’ve had parcels chucked over the side gate to our house. I’ve had parcels left behind plant pots. And occasionally, if we’re lucky, they get left with a neighbour. It’s ridiculous and annoying but there is little I can do to stop it. You may be questioning why I decided to use them to deliver some parcels, then. They're cheap! Like, so much cheaper than Royal Mail, but anyway, I was merrily taking them to a nearby shop for them to be collected… and then they refused my parcel. Turns out they’d not had the collection they should have done and had no space for it. Fine, but I’d just walked there with 5 heavy parcels and the next nearest shop is like a half-hour walk from me. I was getting well annoyed so I thought I’d contact Hermes to sort a collection. Oh no. Hermes has the worst customer service known to man. The only way to speak to someone is to use their online chat. Their online chat where they just told me to either cancel the delivery (and wait 3-5 days for a refund) or go to another shop. I kindly explained I can’t drive and the next nearest shop is not in a nice convenient location. It’s not on a bus route and unless I want to waste an hour getting there and back again or get a taxi it’s really not gonna work for me. I thought they would be apologetic and at least confirm they would arrange a collection from the shop so I could go back. Oh no, I had the guy saying he’s offered me a solution and I should be happy with it and that pissed me right off. And when I asked for a call from their complaints team or whatever to get this resolved… they called back three days later and basically did nothing. Luckily for me, my stepdad offered to take me to another shop to drop them off but I’ve never had such a drama just to post a parcel! Never again, guys. Never again.

So there was that. I also had a minor breakdown about my house. There’s a whole thing with an internal wall being removed and building regulation certificates and it was honestly making me feel like I didn’t even want the damn house. My solicitor was getting nowhere and I felt like pulling my hair out. I called up the estate agent… and they got it all sorted in a day. Honestly, why do they make house buying so hard? I need a cheat sheet to know who to contact in which situation to get things resolved as quickly as possible. So yeah, don’t buy a house guys. It’s the worst. Way too much stress. 100% do not recommend.

What else? Well… I bought myself a new iPad. I know, I didn’t need it and I’m probably stupid for doing so. But I don’t care. It’s brand new I’ve got 3 years protection from me breaking it (yay) and it’s so pretty! I still need to get a case for it but I’m honestly feeling few regrets about this. I’ve had an iPad Mini for so long, and I love it, but the screen is way too tiny for some things. Like waaaay too tiny. I hate online shopping on it because I can never see anything properly. The new one I bought with an Apple Pencil (I know, stop judging me and my splurging ways) so I’m hoping to take quick notes and attempt to get back into some art (you can blame the drawing urges on these art channels I keep following on Youtube). I'm also hoping to get a cute little keyboard to maybe do a bit more blogging on it. One of my main reasons for never blogging and commenting as much as I want is I cannot be bothered to lug my laptop around the house, it’s not heavy or anything, I just never normally have it fully charged.  Hopefully, having a cute iPad will remedy this… but having a cute iPad did mean I ended up downloading Dream Daddy from the app store (it was free to try, ok) and I am fully debating getting the full version but don’t know which platform would be best to play it on. I didn’t think the game would be that good… but I’m a little obsessed. I’m either getting the full iPad version or getting this on Switch.. just saying. I want to date all the Daddy’s… which sounds weird, let’s forget I said that.

What I’ve Been Reading

Why yes, I have in fact read three books this week. And none are a DNF. This was mostly inspired by the fact that I needed to be able to read them to reply to a comment somewhere else (don’t ask). But let me tell you, I thought it was going to be slow going but I gradually got sucked in and I finished The Queen of Nothing in one sitting last night (I should probably have started reading it earlier). That series! I mean, there are issues and I’ll try and go into some of them when I review The Wicked King and The Queen of Nothing, but even though I knew I shouldn’t like the characters and where their story was going I just couldn’t help myself.

New To Me

Just one new book this week! And I did shift two off of my shelf… and I have a whole bunch in the get rid pile. Check me out maybe balancing out my shelves. A Beastly Kind of Earl was actually a pre-order and the book I think I will read next. I was so excited for Mia Vincy’s next release so I’ll get to that real fast. I am feeling pretty upbeat about clearing my shelves. Speak to me again in a couple of weeks when I’m behind on my ARC reading again and am in a slump.

What have you been doing this week? Anyone else as shocked by December’s arrival as me?
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