Monthly Wrap Up // September, October & November 2019

03 December 2019

Hi guys!

We’re at the end of another month and we’re actually into the final month of the decade! Yep, that’s a scary thought, I know. I’m not totally ready for December and I’m certainly not ready for the start of a new year but what can you do?

I’ve not done a wrap-up post since August! As such I’m basically wrapping up three months and that’s cool. I’ll, first of all, put some music, I’m a firm believer in a good playlist for folks reading, and I love creating playlists (which have no cohesive theme, just putting it out there).

Can’t Stop Listening

Let’s Catch Up

Now we’ve got the music out of the way let’s actually talk and catch up. Or, I’ll type at you anyway.

It’s been a weird few months. I went through a blogging and reading and slump. I put an offer in on a house. I have gone through a whole bunch of stress to actually get this whole house buying process sorted. And hopefully, I’m on the way to actually buying this house. It has honestly been so stressful. And in amongst all of that, I’ve tried to get back into blogging and reading. I’ve been kind of successful but I honestly wish I was more organised and had someone to do some of the leg work for me because there is so much to blogging. I refuse to let this stress me out, though. blogging is fun and I am trying to keep it that way.

I can’t really remember what else has been happening in my day to day. I honestly feel like my time has mostly been spent playing Stardew Valley and Sims 4. I mean, I’ve basically reverted to teen me. I need to listen to angsty pop-punk and slam a couple of doors and a full reversion will have happened. I mean, actually, I do still listen to angsty pop-punk, but I am most definitely beyond door slamming so I’ve progressed in some way. I think my real life has mostly been spent stressing about all the job problems. People being made redundant, etc, so the mental break playing games was needed!

Monthly Reading





DNFs 😢

193847168511178Kill The QueenPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00006]
Huh, when you show all of the books like this that is a lot of books! But it’s also three months worth with several DNFs along the way. But only a couple of meh reads which is a total success. And my enjoyed and favourites list sorts of blurs together really.

Monthly Posts

(Must remember to start adding these links throughout the month because that was killer, too many posts!)

Monthly Links

I want to return to featuring some links from around the internet (but mostly just from your blogs) so here are a few posts I enjoyed in the past month. I must get better at saving these somewhere because I’m missing loads!

That Bitch, Imposter Syndrome @ Infinite Limits of Love
The Inequities of Ebooks @ We Live And Breathe Books
The Best Things About Book Blogging @ Boats Against the Current
Have YA Prices Gotten Out of Hand? @ Wordy and Whimsical

Hopefully, I’ll start featuring more links each month but I’ve found a few cool things over the past month and I’ll keep trying to browse the web and find some more cool posts for you to go check out (in case you missed them).

And I think that’s everything! I hope to feature lots of things with my monthly posts, hopefully, keep it interesting but we shall see. How was your month?
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