Monthly Wrap Up // August 2020

08 September 2020


Why yes, I am finally wrapping up August when we’re already a week into September. I should probably include all of the months I missed… but I won’t. I’m a rebel like that. Instead, we will focus on last month and ignore my long blogging hiatus. We’re all about ignoring awkward moments in these here parts.


What did I do last month? No seriously? I feel like I’ve already blocked out a lot of last month, however unintentionally. I guess the big focus of last month was the change of managers at work and working following the redundancies. We were rushed off of our feet last month, we had so much work and not enough people so I feel like I didn’t have chance to sit and breathe last month. It flew by. Add into that me interviewing for a new job and I am amazed I did anything but work. I’m surprised I even had time for interviewing to be honest. I did, though, and the month ended. I never want a repeat of a month like that at work. Or I do but I want it when I’m better paid and the amount of time I put in would be better appreciated.


Outside of work? I finally got to meet up with friends in a fairly normal way! I’ve been a little hesitant about going out and doing things, mostly because the only time I’m free is weekends and evenings, the times when I picture the places I want to go as being quite busy. But I’ve come to accept part of my problem is fear of the unknown, it’s like when I go new places, my fear is not knowing what it will be like but once I’ve done it once it’ll be fine. I’m glad I have as I’d not seen some friends in months and it was nice to have that sense of normality. I had been at home alone for too long so any chance to socialise I’ve grabbed onto as a lifeline. I’m feeling much more normal now I’m getting in some IRL socialisation.


That really was my month. I spend most days at my moms and I’ve become rather boring. More boring than I used to be. But boring is good, it helps keep people safe by not going out too much.


Can’t Stop Listening

I was going to create a playlist for you but honestly, the main thing I listened to (outside of podcasts and audiobooks) was Taylor Swift's folklore album so I’m just putting that here for you. I know it’s so obvious but it might be my favourite Taylor album as it is just so chilled, perfect listen for September it has major autumn vibes.


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August Reads



If I had to name a favourite read for August? I think Things You Save In A Fire for hitting me totally in the feels. But I don’t feel like any of my reads for August were bad ones. I enjoyed them all for different reasons and I am trying to figure out a way to tell you about all of them since I have been terrible about reviewing things recently.


What were your August highlights? Was there anything exciting which happened? What were your favourite books of August?

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