Sunday Summary // 06.09.2020

06 September 2020

I didn’t post a single thing this week and I’d feel bad but honestly. Life takes priority sometimes. I know that, and this was one of those weeks for me. It means I still haven’t replied to blog comments, I’m several days behind on blog hopping and I seriously need to catch up and actually finish a few posts in my drafts. It’ll be a busy week ahead, but thankfully I’m off of work for a week so I will have plenty of that. I am actually writing myself to do lists for my days as I have plenty of things I’ve been putting off doing. Everyone else has spent this pandemic getting their homes into beautiful picture perfect homes, mine has wallowed in self pity as I couldn’t get a hold of the things I needed to get organised. Now I ma getting organised, it’s time to get these cardboard boxes out of my living room and probably make my cupboard under the stairs the place to hide things I haven’t found a home for yet. At the same time, this is me taking a long deserved break as I haven’t had any time off of work since April, I am reserving some time to watch TV and be lazy.

Any of you who follow me on twitter will probably have seen my new but in case you missed it:

I have a new job!

I handed in my notice Tuesday and I will finish work the start of October ready to move to my new job. It was sad to hand my notice in and tell my friends at work, especially as I’ve worked there for nearly 7 years but my experience working over lockdown has reinforced all the things I don’t like working there. I won’t go into the ins and outs but it was definitely time to go considering I’d gone as far as I could go and absolutely no one seemed to want to help me progress. My new job is a great opportunity for me to hopefully learn some new things. I am all kinds of nervous about it but I’ll still be working from home and I’ll be getting sent equipment to work with closer to the day so finally my laptop will be free and it won’t feel like a chore to be sat in front of it each day! I’ve been sending forms back and scanning stuff over. I even had to provide info for a background check, I feel like I should be worried but I am honestly so boring what could they possibly find? I’m just hoping I gave them all the correct info, it’s always a genuine concern that something might get flagged up.

And talking about filling stuff in sorting stuff, I spent the beginning of the week having to hassle my utility company as they hadn’t taken my direct debit for my gas and electric for 2 months! Why don’t they want my money? It took attempts to contact them on their online chat to get it resolved as well. The first person I spoke to reset up my direct debit they had cancelled for no apparent reason and then the second person realised I hadn’t been billed correctly for 2 months so they reversed my previous bills and charged me correctly. It was ridiculous. They then gave me a questionnaire asking how likely I would be to recommend them to others and I’m like I wouldn’t, they took one direct debit and it took me contacting them to get them to bill me.

I’ve also spent my time trying to come up with books for the Fall Bingo that Jen and Dani have created (follow it with the tag #FallIntoRomBingo) I saw it on Twitter over the weekend and have been going through my Kindle and Goodreads shelves trying to find good books for the challenge. It’s been quite fun, there are a couple of squares I’m not certain on but the great thing about it is trying to read more romance to find books which fit! I’ll also try and create a twitter thread of my reads which should be fun.

What I’ve Been Reading

It has been a slow reading week. I haven’t listened to any audiobooks and he only book I’ve actually read is Boyfriend Material, it was a really good book, though. And first square down in my Fall Bingo!

New To Me

Once more my purchases outweigh my reading but this always happens at the start of a month. I’ve got a plan for no purchases this week and I will read lots with my week off. Which obviously means I’ll buy lots instead and won’t read anything but let’s avoid this negative thinking.


Were you disappointed by news? And what have you been reading this week?

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