Sunday Summary // 30.08.2020

30 August 2020

Welcome to another Sunday post. It’s a late one today as as I spent most of yesterday feeling like death. Met up with a friend for a few drinks Friday night and I don’t know what happened but my few drinks gave me the absolute worst hangover. I haven’t felt that bad since nights out at uni where I drank a whole heap more but maybe that’s getting older for you. Unlucky on my part as it meant a whole day was lost of a three day weekend. I spent it sleeping and watching lots of TV before going to my moms… and I only did that because I’d feel less guilty buying a takeaway if I was with. My brother did bring Milo round for a visit. The dog has been round before but always whines and waits at the door. He was happy to see me, even if he spent most of his visit eating the small amount of grass in my back garden.


Yesterday was meant to be gardening and tidying day so that’s what I’ve spent my morning doing before I began my usual blog catch up and blog hopping. And so many blog comments to reply to. I got given some garden tools this week so I really did have to tackle the jungle of weeds I’ve developed. It was exhausting, required way more heavy lifting than I expected has left me a little sick and ready for a nap but that’s a whole other issue. I’ve a sort of before and after picture for you, although the before was several weeks before but it’s looking pretty good if I do say so myself. The cleaning will continue this afternoon but luckily for me my vacuum battery needs recharging which put a pause on things.



But the rest of my week was pretty dull. All work and no play makes Becky a dull girl. Can’t even share my good news as more delays! But some of the guesses I’m like do you guys even know me? No baby (don’t do babies). No secret boyfriend (I like the suggestion I had a hot Latin lover, though). I think I’ve hyped it up now and you guys will be so disappointed. It’s work related which I feel makes it really obvious but next week for sure I will tell you.


What I’ve Been Reading

Not a lot of reading done this week. Just a lot of Buffy watching and hanging around my moms. I’ve listened to two Katherine Center books and I am totally thanking Sam for bringing this author onto my radar. There is romance in them but much more fiction than romance and they were just perfect for work audiobook listening.


New To Me

Just a bunch of library books this week which I won’t show you in case I don’t get to reading them (it’s often a habit of mine) and 2 more books from Words & Kisses when they were having a sale. I actually think these arrived last week but I forgot about them, which is not a sign I have too many books just that I have a terrible memory for featuring stuff.


What have you done this week? Any new books and please give me all all gardening tips I’m completely lost and have no clue what I’m doing but know I hate weeds.

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