Sunday Summary // 09.08.2020

09 August 2020

I cannot believe it’s August and I’ve hardly posted. When even was the last time I did a Sunday Summary post? I actually debated skipping it because I don’t have much to say but I feel like these Sunday posts are tradition at this point. I’ve got blog posts for next week to draft (yep, my organisation hasn’t improved) but let’s spend a little time catching up and allow me to procrastinate for a while.


What’s been going on lately? Work? Last week everyone who was confirmed as redundant had their final day (there were tears in my spare room with all of the goodbye emails which were being thrown about) so this week was a strange one. We know who has left from our team but no idea from other departments until you go to email someone and they’re gone. It’s been a frustrating week of finding out who is left and getting to know our new managers. I do have something work related which has been going on which I won’t talk about yet. I don’t want to jinx anything. It could mean good things for me though. I also spent a couple of days working from my mom’s for a change of scenery which was nice.


While we’re on work things I’m also currently working with a 2 screen set up which is weird for blogging. I work on my own laptop for work so when they said getting a second screen would help me be more productive I ended up getting my little TV out of the bedroom and hooking that up. It’s weird blogging with 2 screens, seems a bit excessive. I am tempted to do a little Sims playing on my second screen and see how it looks, though. I have invested in a new keyboard for my iPad, its the Logitech Combo Touch case so comes with trackpad so it will make my iPad a little laptop. It’s not arrived yet and I’m worried the keyboard will be US English in which case it’ll have to go back (I can’t function without a £ sign!) but we’ll see. I’m hoping that case will mean I’ll blog more when I’m sat on the sofa watching Netflix.


Apart from work it really has been slow. We went out for a meal Wednesday which was good. Seating was spaced out, staff had masks on. Hand sanitiser everywhere. It was a touch busier than I might have liked but infection numbers are reasonably low by me so I feel like I’ve got to stop staying at home and hating it and start going out a bit more. Things aren’t back to normal but they’re better than they were. I’m liking a small return to some semblance of normality. I feel like this pandemic has really shown us what our limits are and shown us that it’s ok to set our own boundaries of what we’re comfortable with (had a whole conversation about that with a friend of mine a week or so ago). We also had a barbecue at my mom’s Saturday which was good. Sun was out, loads of food was cooked and it was honestly a really nice day. Need more good days like that since it feels like we all lost 4 months of our lives to lockdown.


The only other event was Milo going to the vets! He’s been a little off so we were thinking to get him in the vets soon anyway and then my mom noticed blood in his urine. She got him booked in and he went for his first solo trip to the vets. You aren’t allowed in. You call when you‘re outside and they come collect him and then call with what they found and return him in the parking lot. He was a brave boy and was told he’s a very happy dog. Got some antibiotics for a UTI and some anti itch tablets as he got some sores on his feet. Stressful, though, never fun going to the vets and couldn’t even stay with him. Milo was half the reason I worked at my mom’s, it meant I got 2 days with him.


What I’ve Been Reading

A slower reading week this week. I finished my review copy in time for Thursday’s post (yay) then continued the Psy/Changeling series. I loved Drew and Indigo’s book and then read the Cooper short story in the collection I bought and now I’m on to Hawke and Sienna’s book which I know will be good. And then I’ll have finished my 10 book Psy/Changeling collection and will have to start buying the individual ebooks again (they’re pricey).


New To Me

I want to claim some kind of defence for my book buying but I have nothing. I’m a sucker for a Kindle deal. I will say Boyfriend Material is a physical copy I bought because I found a UK based online romance bookstore, Words and Kisses. They also have a subscription box for new releases I am so tempted by but I buy so many romance books already I don’t want dupes. But yeah, I discovered the store and new I needed to buy something from there. I also got a shiny new romance book mug, see below (not my photo). It went out of stock but she put me on the email list to give me advance warning and it’s love. I feel determined to try and read all of the books on the mug now.

How has your week been? Any exciting book purchases or good news? And am I the only one accepting a small return to normality (with face masks and social distancing) or are you waiting to see if there’s fall out first?

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